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No Spend, January 2nd

I did not leave the house again today. However, our property tax bill for the year arrived in the mail. It was not a shock because I knew it was coming and I knew how much it was going to be. This is an essential bill so I will pay it this week on my errand day. It went up $156.+ from last year but our assessment was increased $20,000. and prices went up for the services it covers.

I placed a Walmart Plus delivery which will come on Monday. That is when it will be billed so I will let you know what I spent when that happens. We only needed a small amount of foods. I have been trying to order Advil Cold and Sinus and no one seems to have it in stock. I am running out.

While Hubby and I were watching football last night, we discussed the wall washing that I want done. A number of people who belong to a group that I am in, told me that they wash their walls with an O’Cedar spin mop. They assured me that there are no drips because the bucket really wrings the mop almost dry. I decided it would be a lot cheaper to buy the mop and spin bucket than to hire someone to do this. I also have a recipe for a homemade cleaner that I can put in the water and it is supposed to clean the walls really well. So I ordered one from Amazon. It was $ 32.38 with tax. We both consider it a necessity. Hubby will be able to help me with the high stuff and I am pretty steady climbing on my Little Giant step stool and ladder. The hardest walls will be the ones that go up to the Cathedral ceilings. But I think we can manage them. If this works, we will save a fortune over having them professionally cleaned.

I had the majority of my cleaning done before I exercised today on the bike and treadmill. After I took my navy shower, I dusted all of the baseboards in the house. Then I prepped our salads that will be the side to our pulled pork leftovers for dinner tonight.

Breakfast this morning was an easy over egg and 1/2 a guacamole. We are running out of eggs but Walmart had a great price for 60 of them so they were part of my order. We eat a lot of eggs in this house plus I cooked a lot of scrambled eggs and ham when we had company.

I also managed to do a very large load of laundry. Some of it was hung and the rest was dried in the dryer using our wool balls. I dried it all at once. I ended up using 20 less minutes of dryer heat instead of doing two loads to dry it.

So this was all of our necessary spending. How are you guys doing with your no spend month if you are doing it? Are you exercising?

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