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Dollar Tree Stockpile Haul

It has been a busy day here. We got a lot done yesterday. Today, I did my last large stockpile haul at Dollar Tree. There are some things that I always get there and others that I just found by browsing the entire store today. My receipt is above. Hopefully, you can read it. It is very light print. Click on it and make it full screen and you can see it much better. The total was $ 53.50 and it was a very full cart.

I filled in some of our gaps today. I was there a very long time just browsing to make sure I missed nothing. 

I have already tried a box of the shelf stable milk. I don’t stockpile anything that we haven’t tried and liked. We loved it. We mainly use it for cereal and in recipes. We don’t drink it. So I purchased 5 more today. I am actually considering only buying this from now on to use in our home. I hate having to throw milk out and these are small enough that we can get through them before they expire.

The loofah is for me in the shower. I threw my old one out. The cutlery will round out what I already have. The ropes are in case I need more clothesline. The can openers are in case we have no power.

I got 3 Spic and Span antibacterial cleaners and 2 refills for them. I have used this liquid plumber to unclog drains for many years. The Palmolive Oxy is great for washing greasy pans and it also takes grease out of clothes. Just put a little on the stain at night and then throw it in the washer in the morning. 

I got some Arm and Hammer baking soda and some
carpet cleaner.

Everything in these two pictures are on the receipt. The only thing missing from the picture is a birthday card that I picked up for Hubby. His birthday is the end of the month.

I got a couple of toilet bowl cleaners which until now I had not been able to find in stock. I also picked up 2 superglue. 

We also got two very tall candles in case we need light. We also have a spray bottle that I am using at the moment of Awesome so I picked up a refill. It is an all purpose cleaner.

Medicines that I purchased were hydrocortisone cream, anti fungal foot cream just in case we need it, and Vitamin C. I will explain what the vaseline is for after I post the next picture. I also got 2 packages of Plackers. I love using them.

Since we are on our last roll of packaging tape, I picked up a roll. 

The creole seasoning and croutons are needed for recipes in the next two weeks. We love these baked beans. The corn bread mix and cookie mixes are for long term storage. The swiss rolls are a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

The stir fry blend and pepper stir fry blend are delicious, healthy and cheap. They help me make Chinese for very easily.

The Scotties, brownie mix, and mashed potatoes are all for our stockpile. The envelopes were to replenish our office. Lastly, we use the cotton balls with a little vaseline as fire starters for our outside fireplace. 

Do you buy anything for your stockpiles from Dollar Tree?   

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I bought 4 quarts of shelf-ready milk, two 2% and two whole milk, but I need to look at them and see if they are about to expire. buy very little there for anything. I cannot push a cart very far, but I did spend $20 there in nothing flat last time I went.

We’ve used that shelf stable milk for years.
All of my grandchildren have looked at the carton suspiciously until they tasted the milk and learned it tastes just like other milk.
I always keep a stock of DT super glues, tissue paper for gifts and I really like their jigsaws and color books

I love the dollar store for preps. If you are a sponge user for the dishes and cleaning, they carry a 6 pack of scrubber sponges, (green scrubber side, yellow sponge side.) Really nice haul. Well I guess I'll have to go now and browse the dollar tree..LOL. PS your garden plants are lovely.
Barb in PA

Hi AD,this is Chris. Thanks for posting about what you got for your Dollar Tree haul. I have only been there twice since all of the covid stuff started. I am not buying cards there like I usually do, trying to make do with what I have, since I don't want to touch them until the worst of this is over. Some of the things you mentioned, I didn't realize you could get there, so I will have to check it out more closely the next time I go.

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