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Two Good Deals This Morning

I scoured the ads in our newspaper this morning. I had some produce that we needed on my list and that was it. 

However when I looked at the Aldi’s ad, I saw that they had the rolls of sausage for $ 1.49. This is less than half of the cost of my Top’s market price. Hubby loves me to slice them and cook them for breakfast. I had none left in our freezers. I also use them to make sausage stuffing for Thanksgiving. Since, I have two turkeys in my freezer, I froze two to go with those. Then I froze 2 for breakfasts and put one in the fridge.

I decided to get my produce at Top’s because they had cucumbers for $ .39 each which is a great price here. I bought three and some other produce that totaled a little over $20. 

The front of our newspaper this morning had a Free coupon for a 3 lb. bag of New York apples when you spent $20. Free is a fantastic deal.

Did you find any good deals this morning?

I will not be posting tomorrow because of the holiday. Hubby and I want to get a few things done around here and have a cookout for dinner. I hope you all have a nice holiday too. 

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Hi Belinda,

I am thinking that I may go back for some more sausage. I was also thinking that some fried apples would be yummy with the sausage for breakfast.

Those are some great deals! I ended up going to Walgreens to use a $5 reward that was expiring, and also ended up at the store picking up four ears of corn for $.88. That's cheap for around here!

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