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Frugal Things The Past Two Weeks

These are the things we have done frugally the past two weeks:

– We paid our school taxes from our sinking funds account for them. It is always nice when that large bill comes to know that the money has been set aside for those each month for the past 12 months. Even though we were reassessed again, the taxes only went up by $ 102. 

– Since I had to go to a bank to pay them, I stopped at the town hall and paid our quarterly water and sewer bill. It was on the route and saved me using a stamp. 

– I also stopped along my route at Top’s and picked up on sale Hellman’s mayo using a $1./1 Q and a raincheck. This was out of stock the other day. 

– I purchased two pair of denim shorts on clearance for $ 9.00 each. That was a whole lot better price than the $27. each that they were before they went on clearance.

– I am cooking mostly from scratch again since West went home. We did not buy take out this week. I am cooking two meals at a time when I can.

– I signed up for Tasty Rewards last week and look what I got in the mail this past Monday. I already used the 3 $1.00 ones on sale Poppables this week. 

– I wrote another company and they are sending me some coupons for a product that we use all the time. It never hurts to ask. 

– We received $ 9.28 in rebates in the mail.  

– I did two loads of wash this week using cold water, minimal detergent and the laundry sanitizer. One was hung to dry. The other consisted of sheets and towels and was dried in my dryer using the dryer balls. 

– Hubby maintains our hardwood floors for us and we have a lot of them. He uses Bona cleaner and a mop with a reusable head to do it. That saves us a lot of money by not hiring outside help to do them. They look magnificent even though they are over 10 years old.

– I continue to organize and maintain our pantries.

– Hubby and I sat down yesterday and went through our container of OTC medicines. I need to get 5 more for the fall and winter just in case they are needed. I will be researching sales and prices for them.  

So what did you do frugally this past couple of weeks? Feel free to comment and tell us all about it.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!   

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Since Chris was working out of town I ate up all the oddball stuff in the freezer. MMO breakfast sandwiches with chaffles,cheese and sausage instead of buying them. Submitted requests for class action against Apple for the poor phones we had in 2017. Made a spaghetti casserole with free spaghetti squash. We made the decision to sell the house and move back to the mountains.

Hi Patti,

Yeah on eating all your refrigerator things. What chaffle recipe do you use? I have been considering trying to make them. It would give me more of a variety for breakfast. You must be excited about your move. The mountains should be wonderful. Congrats!

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