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My Stock Up Haul

I did a small stock up haul at Top’s yesterday since it was 6% off senior discount day. I also had a $ 4.00 off my next shopping order Q.

I was out of this sausage and I like to have something that I can quickly heat up with my eggs in the mornings. They finally had it on sale for $1.00 each so I got 6. The grey poupon mustard was on sale for $2.00 and Hubby loves it. So I got another one for my long term stockpile.

The Zatarain’s sides were on sale for $1.00 each so I got 5 for my stockpile. The salad dressings were on sale for $ 1.77. I got one for $ .77 with a $1.00 Q and 2 for $1.27 each with a $1./2 Q.These are also for my long term stockpile.

The Poppables were on sale for $ 1.99 when you bought in multiples of 3. I had a $1.00 Q for each one so I paid $.99 each.

My total for yesterday after the senior discount was $ 14.12. 

Did you get any good deals recently?

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Nice finds! I try to buy snacks rarely, and make more, but I do sometimes succumb to an option when it's cheap. Last week I was able to find a new Ritz cracker that was cheese flavored for $.99/box, as they had a peelie coupon. I picked up two boxes to keep in the pantry for kids schooling.

Costco also had veggie straws (they are similar in texture to a chip, but made with other vegetables) for a pretty good deal for an enormous bag, so I picked that up as well. I found pasta for $1/package, which is about as good as I can find here.

The grocery store I shop at has almost entirely stopped marking food down since COVID started, so there aren't many good deals on staples.

Hi HP,

Thanks! Me too. I love Poppables and Skinny Pop so I allow myself a handful one day a week. That is a very nice score on the cheese Ritz for the kids.

I used to buy veggie straws for West but he stopped liking them.

I am just starting to see deals on food here this week. So there is hope for you.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Good things to add to your stockpile. I had written about my good Kroger deals earlier. Today I was at Target and got some cat food on their deal this week. I also stopped by Discount Drug Mart and got several bottles of the antacids we use. I do need to get some more kitty stuff before the winter, and will keep watching for more deals. I am thinking Target ran a good sale last October on the food and litter.

Hi Chris,

How are those grandbabies doing?

You did a great job getting those deals. I hear you about the meds. I picked some up today to fill in the gaps in my stockpile which you will hear about tomorrow.

I might try some of those sausages. I am trying to find things so Tommy will not want to stop at Hardee's when we go out early in the morning. He agreed he would eat from home if I made some frozen breakfasts for him. Good deal on food.

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