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Frugal Things The Past Week Or So

These are the things we have done frugally the past week or so:

– Washed laundry in cold water using sanitizer and hung clothes to dry

– Picked up library books curbside

– Made pancakes for all of us when my grandson and son came on Sunday from the Keto mix that has been sitting on a pantry shelf

– My son bought a large lot of furniture and a 75 inch big screen TV from a local business for a really good price. The TV was in a conference room so didn’t have much wear. The furniture included a number of desk chairs. He gave us a new office chair(new to us)which we needed badly.

– My son also brought us homemade dill pickles, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, and an eggplant.

– I deposited two checks into one of our savings accounts

– Found a new lab that is covered under our plan. It is close to home(less than 2 miles) so it saves me driving an extra 12 miles each way to the lab we were going to

– I got really tired of onions going bad before we could use them up. I remembered how I used to keep them from going bad when I was newly married. I have reverted back to that method. This is how I used the cheap nylons I got in my subscribe and save order. Back in 1960’s, I wore nylons to work every day. So I would just use an old pair with runs to put my onions in. I would cut the one at the bottom off to get an onion. Today, I don’t wear nylons. So rather than keep buying nylons, I just untie the knot(that is on the hook they hang on) at the top and take an onion out when I need it. I can easily add onions too. I have them hanging on a hook in a kitchen pantry. I never had an onion go bad using this method. 

– The end of July I received two orders of chunky soups from Target. The first order, which came on a Saturday, was for 14 cans and was a box that was too big for it with no bubble wrap or packing material in the box. When I opened it, the cans were all jumbled up inside. There were two cans that had dents but they were very small and the cans were usable, so I didn’t complain. The next day my order of 10 cans arrived. The box was 1/2 open and one can was missing and 4 cans were badly dented(not usable) . Again it was packed with no wrapping material in a box that was too big to hold the cans. At this point I was not a happy camper with Target. So I called their customer service and got a rep who was very well trained. He apologized and arranged to have 5 more cans shipped to me. He also was letting the warehouse know about the lack of packing and the condition my orders arrived in. I also told him about the condition of the 2 cans from the day before but that I could use those. Not only did he have the 5 cans shipped to me but he sent me a $10. gift card that I can use at the store or add to my account for my next order. I was a satisfied customer when I hung up. My 5 cans have shipped and should arrive tomorrow. So we will see how they are packed. I am planning to use that $10. gift certificate in the store on either marked down meat or on sale items that I can use. 

– Hubby replaced the flapper on the guest bathroom toilet. That was a cheap repair.

– All meals have been made at home.

What have you done frugally in the past week or so?

I will be back with a low spend post later today.

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I have been thinking about ordering some canned food. I wondered about getting a box of dented cans. At least they took care of the problem.

Let's see, we've been:
-Listing & selling items on eBay & our neighborhood Facebook site
-Using repurposed packaging to mail all eBay sales
-Repairing a bike at home
-Cutting the boys/husband hair at home. We haven't tried mine yet
-Cancelled a trip for my dad's 70th birthday. Which, I would have far preferred to be able to attend, but we will celebrate another (safer) time

Target is horrible when it comes to online ordering. They are always horribly packaged, the boxes always arrive partly opened and beat up and anything soft I have ordered has arrived busted open because of it (sugar, cocoa powder). I will not order anything like that from them anymore.

I've seen where others have done your pantyhose onion storage method. They did however make a slit towards the top of every onion "pouch" to make accessing the onions easier. It also makes it a permanent space for the onions so you do not need to untie knots every time you need one. Just an idea!

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