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August 2: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge

My son and grandson came to visit today. We were happy to see them. Family is about the only company we can have these days. West is getting so tall.

I made Keto chocolate chip pancakes for West and blueberry ones for the rest of us. I served them with their choice of SF syrup or pure maple syrup. I also cooked up some sausage patties. I had a half a bottle of apple juice to use up so that was our drink. We were having so much fun chatting that I forgot to take a picture of our cooked breakfast.

My son brought us two huge cucumbers, an eggplant and 2 tomatoes from his garden. The tomatoes are not quite ripe(everything is late this year because we had winter until the end of May) but I will put them on my windowsill and they will ripen.

He also made us some homemade dill pickles. He knows how much we love them.

After they went home, I scanned the grocery ads this week for the cheap deals. I am still debating on the bacon at Top’s. They also have Chef Boy ar Dee products for $1.00 a can. I could use more for my stockpile. Since I get the 6% discount on Tuesday, I may buy some more. They also have Manwich for the same price if anyone needs it. We don’t eat it. They have mayo with a Top’s super coupon for $ 2.99. That is a stock up price here. I may add 1 jar to the stockpile depending on the best buy date. 

Aldi has salmon for a decent price so I may buy some of that this week since we have none left. They also have boneless chicken breasts for $ 1.89 a lb. but we need no chicken. I do need provolone cheese so if I can get that for $ 1.49, I will. I was going to buy  fresh produce for salads but since my son brought me plenty, I don’t need it. If anyone has eggs at a decent price, I will pick up a dozen or two.

I made shake n bake chicken, some roasted potatoes, and broccoli for dinner. 

Here is my plate. It was very delicious. I don’t normally eat carbs(except for pizza once or twice a month) but decided that I could have just a few pieces of potato.

Lastly, my son purchased a huge lot of of office furniture and a 75 inch big screen TV for a great price from a company who was going out of business. The TV was really what he was after. Most of this was in great shape. Hubby’s office chair is falling apart. So my son brought us one of the chairs. Hubby is going to try it out to see if it is comfortable for him. If not, I want it.  My son, grandson and DIL also each kept new desks and chairs. The rest of the things he is selling and will most likely recoup his money. Yes, both of my sons know how to work a deal! 

Hubby and I so enjoyed watching the space shuttle undock and the landing for a few hours today. We saw the first one many years ago and have watched them all since. To us each one is just as exciting as the first one. Now we are watching golf.

I hope you all are having a great day!

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Hi AD, this is Chris. So funny that we had some of the same food yesterday! Our granddaughter was almost out of the little blueberry pancakes hubby makes for her visits that I keep in the freezer, so he made most for her and some for our breakfast. I bag 3 of them in one of the snack size baggies and put multiples of those in a bigger zip lock bag then take one out each week when she comes. She is set for a couple months now.

Hubby did some chicken on the smoker and it was absolutely wonderful. He used some of the special chicken rub he makes on it. He also wanted cucumber salad, so made some of that with cukes from his garden. I cut up some peaches and blueberries and we had leftover corn on the cob. I had also made some brownies. We shared some of the food with our daughter and family. When I held the new baby, I could tell that she is starting to fill out and not as fragile feeling as before. She is 3 weeks now.

Hi Chris,

Making them ahead for her saves a lot of time. I used to do that when my kids were at home.

Your dinner sounds very colorful and yummy!

I am so glad that up are enjoying the grandchildren. They are so wonderful.

What a gorgeous garden eggplant! We are not huge lovers of eggplant, but I do admire how beautiful they are.

My big frugal win is that I found $100 on the ground. I couldn't find the owner, which I'm sure will make someone very sad. 🙁 I will do my best to put it to good use, and split it with my sister, who was picking me up.

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