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August 1: Low Spend Grocery Month Challenge

I didn’t even leave our home today. No grocery or any other shopping. I did look at one of my grocery shopping ads for tomorrow. They have badly needed bacon on sale. It is B2G3 free. They usually up the prices of the two you have to buy to $9.99 each which means the 5 would be about $4.00 each. However, I can get a 6% senior discount on Tuesday so it would cost me $ 3.76 each. I still think I can get bacon at Aldi’s for about $ 3.49 each if the price hasn’t gone up. The problem is the last time I was there, they had no bacon. So I will have to think on this some more and check Aldi’s stock and price first before I go to the other market. They also have 80/20 ground beef in large packages at Top’s for $ 2.99 a pound for anyone who needs it. We hate their ground beef which is why I buy the grass fed from Aldi’s when it is on sale. 

For brunch this morning, I had a couple of pieces of bacon and some scrambled eggs with monterey jack cheese in them. I cooked a pound of bacon in the oven yesterday. We used some of it for breakfast yesterday and on salads for dinner last night. 

Hubby was still sleeping. I am the early riser. Him not so much. So I took my breakfast out on the patio and ate it. It is such a beautiful day. It is sunny and the coolest it has been in a month. I stayed out there after I ate and did some reading.

Hubby made himself a pastrami sandwich about noontime. 

These are the things that I will be making dinner with tonight. I had to thaw the dough and the pepperoni since they were in the freezer. I will adding a lot of spices.

Here it is all made. Hubby loves pepperoni on his pizza. I don’t like it cooked. So I have just the two cheeses on my side of the pizza.

Fifteen minutes later it came out of the oven. Hubby started cutting it before I could get the picture. It was so delicious and we have some leftovers for a lunch or a snack. We each had a small side salad with the pizza.

We are now watching NASA. I hope you all have a good evening.

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Had to go to store today for rolls usually freeze them but they are not staying fresh in foodsaver bag recently. How do you stock up on bread if you do. Also store brand rolls out of stock paid $2.00 for 8 rolls not good but did not want to drive 10 more miles for rolls. Shelves were very empty on a lot of items again. I am going to make an Aldi run this week have not been there since virus began I need to go back to help my budget. Pizza looks good is your dough homemade? Joyce of pa

Hi Joyce,

We don't eat much bread. So if I have leftover hamburg or hot dog rolls, I use it pretty quickly for croutons or for garlic bread. When we used to eat a lot of it, I would double bag it in two bread bags. I used to save them when we bought bread.

I don't blame you for not driving 10 miles for rolls. Good job!

No the dough I buy at the market. I used to make homemade dough but this is much better.It's Di Domenico'
s. I think it is in the picture. Yeah on going back to Aldi's. I love Aldi's.

Hi AD, this is Chris. When you buy the bacon at Aldi, do you buy the thick cut? I bought Aldi bacon once and it was so thin that it fell apart as I was trying to cook it. I took it back to get my money back, the quality was so awful. I would consider trying the thick cut if they had it.

The pizza looks yummy.

We do the same thing with our homemade pizza. He likes just beef and cheese. I like olives and peppers and mushrooms and sausage. We just do half & half pies.

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