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Frugal Things July 2 & 3

Wanting to do something different with our granddaughter yesterday, we went for a ride to Lake Ontario to the Towns of Wilson, Youngstown, and Lewiston. It was a beautiful day and she really enjoyed it.

When we came home, I raided the stockpile and this is what I came up with for a quick and easy dinner. 

Of course later last night, my granddaughter had a Hershey’s Cotton Candy ice cream cone. She absolutely loved it. We will see what West thinks of the ice cream later today.

The money saving things we did yesterday was that Hubby put the new clips that arrived to hold all 4 glass doors in my cupboards in the kitchen. He even replaced the clips that hadn’t broken with the new ones because they are much better than the old ones. He also put them in areas that didn’t have clips prior. Now when you close the cupboard doors they don’t make any noise. You could hear the glass rattle before. He did such a better job than the installers did when they put them in. DIY is the way to go on certain projects.

I put our homemade BBQ sauce on the 5 chicken breasts last night so that they could marinate overnight. I used the extra quart jar up that I had put in the fridge a couple of weeks ago. Hubby will be grilling them for dinner tonight using the extra sauce to baste them while they cook. I will cook rice and broccoli to go with it. Ice cream will be dessert later in the evening.

Today, much to my delight, I opened an e-mail from Skinny Syrups that had a 20% off code. We love and use these syrups in our coffee and on ice cream. I was getting low on Hubby’s Irish Cream and my Keto syrups so I placed an order for 2 Keto and 8 Irish Cream. They also now have shelf stable milk so I ordered 3(that is the limit) for my stockpile. The code saved me $ 17.57 and I qualified for free shipping. I stockpile a few times a year with a code or when they have a 50% off sale.

I have decided not to take these syrups out of my stockpile money. Instead it will come out of this month’s grocery budget. The cost was $ 70.30 which leaves me $ 414.25 in my grocery budget for July. 

I wish all of you a wonderful July 4th! For those of you who are traveling, I hope you have a safe trip.

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Chris is out running all around town for 2L DC (.99),I have half day then may take the Costco run. We found 12×12 patio pavers for .50 on Next door and loaded 200 of those the other night, this will be the foundation for the shed we bought in March. Hoping for a productive weekend!

Hi Patti,

Yeah for Chris. I have been picking up a bottle here and there for $.79 with a store coupon. That is such a great deal on the pavers! I hope you have a vert productive weekend. My granddaughter and DIL leave in the morning and then I think I am going to sleep for a week.

I am not Patti but she said she got them through Next Door which would be in her neighborhood from someone who was getting rid of them. If I am wrong Patti, please correct me.

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