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July 1st Grocery Savings

Yesterday, I had a haircut appointment. So on the way home I stopped at Aldi’s to see if they had any of their Wednesday sale chicken left. Those Wednesday items go quickly in my store.

They did so I was able to purchase 2 large packages of bone-in chicken breasts. They were $.99 a lb. which is comparable to $1.99 per lb. for boneless. I have not seen the $.99 a lb. price in a few years in my area. I love bone-in breasts because because I can make soup from the bones and meat left on the bone. I could not resist this price and we had just enough room in the freezer for what we needed to freeze. 

The breasts were enormous so this is what I did with them. I deboned them all leaving a bit of meat on each bone. I put 4 breast bones in each bag and froze them to make 2 pots of soup which will make at least 3 – 4 meals for each of us. I will boil the bones and then take the meat off to put in the soup. Then I will add some chicken base if needed depending on how rich the broth is, diced carrots and celery, rice and seasonings and let it cook a couple of hours in the crock pot on the patio.

I put 5 of the breasts in a ziploc for a cookout we are having on Friday evening. We have at least 4 people for the cookout and possibly 5. West is coming to spend the day with Alexa and my daughter in law will be arriving that day. I don’t know if West is being picked up before or after we eat.

I will marinate them in our homemade BBQ sauce overnight tonight. Hubby will cook them on the grill on Friday. I will cut them in half so that people can eat what they want. This will make our cookout meal and we most likely will have leftovers for Saturday night for the 2 of us. We will put those leftovers on a salad.

The other three breasts I froze separately. Hubby and I share a breast for a meal because these are so big. 

So these chicken breasts will make a meal for 5, 4 meals for 2 of us, and 3-4  soup meals for 2 of us. I spent $ 12.27 for these 2 packages of chicken. If the chicken makes 19 servings, it is $ .645 per serving. If it makes 21 servings, it is $ .584 per serving. You can’t get much cheaper than this for meat servings. 

At Aldi’s, I also picked up a bag of yellow onions for $ 1.89 and a 2 lb. bag of carrots for $ 1.29. They were the best prices in the area. 

We have been eating our dinners outside on the patio this week. Now that our maple tree and patio tree have grown, we have great shade out there. We have all been loving this and getting some fresh air at the same time. 

Did you get any good deals this week?

My total for this shop was $ 15.45. We were out of fresh onions because I chopped the soft ones and put them in the freezer to put in soups and casseroles. I needed the carrots to make a carrot cake.

I started this month with $500. in my grocery budget so I now have $ 484.55 left for July.

Dinner last night was hot dogs on rolls, your choice of canned chili, onions, ketchup, mustard and relish to top them and steamed broccoli for a side. Dessert was fresh sliced strawberries and raspberries with SF Cool Whip. All items were from my stockpile.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. No baby yet. Great post today, the best part to me was seeing that the cousins will be getting together. Have a great time. I know this makes you happy too.

Hi Chris,

Yes, on the cousins getting together. They don't see each other very often which is a shame. They have fun together even though they are 3 years apart.

Hi AD…WOW…the price on the chicken is amazing! I have not seen that price out here in a long time. What a great idea on the using the bones in making soup! I have not thought to boil the bones raw like that. I keep a bag in the freezer where I keep all the roasted chicken bones from our family. When the bag is full, I boil all the bones/skin together and make broth. If I find a good sale I will get some and try your way! I was able to find bone in chicken leg quarters for 59 cents/pound. I am going to to buy about 10 pounds and freeze them as this is as low a price as I have seen all year. Enjoy the time with your precious grandkids and family!

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