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Missed A Great Deal

I missed a great deal a few days ago. Why? Well, it wasn’t because I didn’t have the money or because I didn’t want to drive there.

Boneless skinless chicken breasts are one of our favorite meats. At $ 1.125 per lb., it is a deal that I would normally jump on. I haven’t seen a price like this since the 1990’s.

It was because my freezers were full and there was not an inch of space to put any meat let alone this deal. A full freezer is a good thing. But it still hurt just a little that I couldn’t pre-order this deal. Ouch!

However, I know that there will be other deals on poultry, beef, pork and fish. So when my freezers start getting down to the point that I can buy, I will be keeping my eyes open for the next good deal. 

I am always checking prices and putting the lowest one I see in my price book. That way I know a great deal in my area when I see it. Since the lowest price I had found on boneless chicken breasts out here was $ 1.48 lb, I knew that this deal was fantastic.

I have already checked my supermarket and online ads this week to see if there are any good deals. There are none so I will not being doing any shopping this week at all. If a deal pops up online that isn’t there now I will take a look at it. But we are so stocked on meat that it will be a long time before I have room to buy any meat deal. Perhaps by then, the shortage and limits will be over. 

I hope you are having a great weekend. We have the most beautiful weather. It is sunny and in the 60’s and low 70’s.

Have you guys seen a chicken deal this low anywhere? Have you gotten a great meat deal lately?

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Like you, our freezers are full to the max! There was a sale here on chicken thighs and legs at only .69 cents a pound. I couldn't buy one leg because there just is no more room. (we even have stuff packed away in our RV fridge & freezer.
We're thinking of buying a bigger, stand up freezer. Hubby is balking at the prices!! He can't justifying spending hundreds just to save twenty cents per pound for chicken legs. (well, not if you put it that way! LOL)
Now that the weather is warmer, I don't feel like eating, so that is putting a double whammy on fridge space. Nothing is going!
Go figure!

Hi Cindi,

I feel your pain. That was a great price on the thighs and legs. I have also thought about getting a large stand up freezer but I think when I need one I will go with the chest again but a larger one. They are much mor energy efficient.

Neither Tommy nor I can get things out of the chest freezer, so I have ordered an upright freezer. I found chicken tenderloins for $1.99/lb. after paying $4.79 Or something like that for bscb.

We've been in waves, and bought a bunch of meat when the shortages started. We've now worked down quite a bit of our freezer supply, and have a bit more room. Of course, no meat sales, but yesterday, ice cream drumsticks were on sale, so my husband bought a Costco case for the kids. Almost like meat. 😉

I did get an incredible deal on Home Depot gift cards yesterday. Buy $100, get a $20 grocery store gift card. I bought six, and now have $120 of grocery store money ready to spend. We are doing quite a few projects around the house, taking advantage of our increased availability, so this is welcome timing.

The kids must have been thrilled with that ice cream. Wow! What a great deal on those gift cards. $ 120. in free money is fantastic.

The meat market I go to doesn't even show prices of meat right now. I wanted a work in steak to make a stir fry and it was $10.99 on and looked like crap. About a month ago I bought one for $5.99 on and it was wonderful. I left the pricy one there. We are trying to eat less meat but two diabetics can't be filling up on bread, pasta, and potatoes. Our boneless chicken was $1.99 this week but that is the usual price.

Like you both of our freezers are full and we take our feeder beef into be butchered in July. I'm happy with that situation. We have been only buying immediate snacks and produce and dairy. We are well stocked with everything else, or I'm making things from scratch using "ingredients" as opposed to boxed/processed items. I'm finding I'm feeling better eating out less often. Farmer still likes his Taco Bell but I've been choosing a salad at home rather than getting anything. We're both happy.

I'm with you Kay. I enjoy eating at home. The only thing I have gotten after all this started was the donuts when my family came a couple of weeks ago.

Hi AD, this is Chris. As you say, there is always another deal. That is a really good one, though.

Today I got whole chickens for 1.19/lb. I think that is the usual price around here, but I went ahead and got them so hubby can make them in his smoker this weekend. Next week for Father's Day he is going to do the big slab of ribs that we got at Costco recently. Mmmm.

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