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Walmart Grocery Pickup

I picked up my grocery haul about 10am. I don’t think I was in the parking space for more than 5 minutes when they brought it to the car. It is quite the system they have. Seven of the items I ordered were out of stock including my Skinny Pop popcorn but at least they had Hubby’s snacks. I did get myself some Quest protein chips. Also I have to get credit for the yellow pepper. When I was cutting the peppers up into strips to freeze, it was rotten. I am so thrilled with all of the produce! We were almost out of fresh veggies and fruits.

Not everything is pictured here. I got a bunch of personal care items and had already sanitized them and put them to sit around the soaking tub in the bathroom.  As you can see I got messed up when I was stacking it so the popcorn, Popables and Grooves are in a couple of pictures. I spent a total of $211.51.

I woke up very tired this morning and am completely exhausted now. By the time I got done sanitizing all the items, washed my clothes, and sanitized everything I touched in the car, garage, and house, I was beat. I feel like I need a nap but since it is almost 3PM, I will just go to bed early tonight.

Hubby finished the carpet on the right hand side of the wall in the pantry while I was out. So just the freezer area needs to be done when my son is able to come here again. 

So my plan tomorrow is to continue working to put everything back in the pantry including all the shelving units. I will take pictures when I get done.

What are you working on today?

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It is 4 pm and I am going out to plant flowers in pots, sow carrot seeds, and get dirty. Grocery shopping is hard work and having to clean everything makes it really hard work. I wonder if we would all be less ill if we cleaned all groceries brought into the house.

I have enjoyed the convenience of Wm's pickup service too. I have disliked going into the store (pre-pandemic) after work but this is quick and easy. Typically it takes me 15 mins from the time I leave my office to when I leave the Wm parking lot! And they have always done a great job picking out my produce. I set my time for this week as soon as I got my last pickup on Saturday. I need to check over my pantry and fridge tonight and make adjustment and then hit send. 🙂 You are right. Wm has gotten this "right."
As for what we're doing, plans are to till the garden spot this evening. It's going to rain/snow tomorrow, but nice on Saturday. I hope to plant rhubarb, potatoes and onions and start my tomato and pepper seeds.
Finally, next time you are tired like above, take a 20 min. catnap. Your body needs the rest with all the stress we are under.
Take care.

Hi Kay,

Thanks for sharing and the tip on a catnap for me. Sometimes I think I need that. I always think I am still 20 and overdo a lot. I love that you are planting such wonderful things in your garden.

We have our first grocery pick up this coming Saturday. I have received a few things through the mail. It is very stressful to have to sanitize everything. I am considering (after sanitizing – putting things in other containers) I saw this recommended on a video. We have picked up prescriptions twice thru the drive thru, I don't usually have any – but the stress has caused me stomach issues. I am 62 and work for school district as an admin. – we are working from home as needed (which hasn't been much) I was trying to get 25 years (1.5 to go) but I may just retire. My husband retired 3 years ago. Thanks for posting again, it really helps to read what others are doing.

Hi Meg,
You are so right about the sanitizing but it is necessary. I have been taking lots of things out of boxes. I should probably think about other containers too. Thanks for the suggestion. I hear you on the stress even of a drive thru. We have not gotten any takeout restaurant or fast food. I know they say it is safe but I don't think it is. You don't know if the people preparing it have the virus or are contagious or have sneezed on your food. Good luck with your retirement decision.

It's so hard to find a pickup time these days at any of our local shops! We are out of milk,and are not planning to go to for a big stock up shop for another week or so. I will likely try to get in & out of our small local shop in five minutes, wearing a mask & gloves.

Hi H.P.,

It is hard. I have two half gallons of milk in the fridge. Hubby likes milk on his cereal and I make my SF puddings with it. But I also have 2 half gallons in my freezer. When I thaw it,I shake it really well. It is fine for puddings and in baking.

Just a day in the life,today. Hubs shopped Costco, Walmart and Kroger yesterday, getting everything on my list and whatever snacks he wanted. We don't do any sanitizing, wear gloves or masks but do follow social distancing and hand washing. There are 8 people in the office and we have separate work spaces, I haven't been near anyone in public for 3 weeks, either. I pray this doesn't go on for another 18 months.

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