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Grocery Shopping This Week

I have not been grocery shopping in quite a while. So I picked up some things we needed.


Romaine Lettuce – $ 2.39
2 bags of Brussel Sprouts $ 1.09 each = $ 2.18
Olive Oil Spray – $ 1.79
2 Half and Half – $ 1.55 each = $ 3.10
1/2 gallon of Milk – $ 1.59
Chocolate Syrup – $ 1.59

Total was $ 12.64.


1 lb. of Bacon – $ 2.99 after Q
1 Ajax Dish Liquid – $ 1.99
2 Edy’s Ice Cream – $ 4.99 each = $ 9.98

Total was $ 15.12.

The ice cream and syrup is for ice cream sundaes when West visits. Bacon for Sunday breakfasts. Everything else I was out of.

We really have not been spending much on groceries lately.  I am really trying to make a push to use up what we have so that I can defrost the freezer.

Did you get any good grocery deals this week?

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No great deals this week. We are likely going to keep our shopping pretty small/reasonable this week, as we are heading out of town next saturday & don't want to have groceries in the fridge.

A local store had a Monday special on breakfast sausage, 3 1 pound rolls for $5
I knew it was a good brand and bought 9 rolls of the country light version.
It is so good and lean, I wish Iā€™d bought even more.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I just got some of the deals at Kroger this week: .69 softsoap, 1.99 sausage, .99 peanut butter, .99 cereal, stuff like that, and my usual produce. I only stocked up on what we could use that was a good deal and that we could use within the expiration date. Our Kroger is remodeling again and things are spread all over the store. It was hard finding some things, but the associate I asked for help was cheerful. This weekend our granddaughter is spending the night and we are going to take her to the spaghetti dinner at church and get donuts for breakfast tomorrow. šŸ™‚

Hi Chris,

Wow! Those are great deals.I hate it when our stores remodel. It takes me forever to get used to where things are. Enjoy your weekend with your granddaughter. I know you have the best time. Grandchildren are so much fun.

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