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A Small Grocery Haul and a Head’s Up

On the way home from the dentist today, I stopped at Wegman’s since it was close by and picked up the only grocery haul that I will be doing this week. 

I have been to the dentist this week multiple times. I had two teeth extracted and got my full denture. I have been having an awful time of it. I don’t know why because I have had teeth extracted before but this time it has really been an ordeal. I am in pain and I had to have an adjustment today because of the denture digging into my gums. Needless to say, I have only been eating hard boiled eggs and mashed avocado for my meals. The dentist told me to take Tylenol but it is a drug that my body can’t handle so I am trying to ignore the pain.

This had really thrown me for a loop because I am a very strong individual and usually handle things well. So this is very aggravating to me!

So I have been spending most of my time sleeping or just resting. I may or may not post for the rest of the week. Hopefully this will pass soon. Till then, take care.   

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I refuse to take otc for pain. I talk the doctors into giving me something that they do not want me take, give me only 7 and it will use it to sleep. Otherwise, I just tough it out. I have to have a tooth removed but won't until i hear from cardiologist.

Sounds like your dentist needs to prescribe something for you for pain. Tylenol may not be what you need to help with your pain. I have had major dental work done myself when Tylenol and otc medications were NOT enough. Hope that you are feeling much better soon. Penny S.

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