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Black Friday Shopping

Well, it won’t be long before Black Friday is here and all of the craziness and stress to get that most cherished deal. Here is a list of questions you should ask yourselves before you make a purchase:

1) Do you really need it? Or are you buying it just because it is a great deal?

2) Will your purchase really get used or will it end up as so many other things that you are not using?

3) If you are purchasing a gift for someone, will they really love it? Or are you buying it for them because it is a great deal?

4) Are you buying things that you really don’t need because they are cheap?

5) Are you trying to compete with the Joneses? Remember so many of the Joneses don’t have any money. 

6) And most importantly, can you pay cash for this purchase? Or are you putting it on a credit card because you have no cash? Do you really want to add more debt(stress) into your life? Mortgaging your future is not a smart thing to do. All those great deals that you think you have to have will end up costing you a lot more than you think when the interest accumulates on your credit cards. So will they really be a great deal? 

I am not Scrooge! I just want you to think about what you are purchasing and how it will affect your future.

If you have the cash, go for it! Just stay safe! It gets crazy out there. Personally, we will not be doing any Black Friday shopping. Our Christmas shopping was done a few weeks ago and there is nothing we need. Sure we have a lot of wants but they are long term goals.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I have a pretty small shopping list, so have been searching around for good deals on what I need. I think this year, I'll give a total of 6 gifts, which is not too bad. I'll attempt to time everything to get the best possible season's price + free shipping (so I can avoid the madness of stores in person), although we shall see.

No shopping for me except weekly groceries. I know that the grocery store is very quiet on BF and there are usually a lot of meat markdowns. For me its a good day for appts since I won't lose time off work so I am going to the dentist on Friday

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