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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this past week:

– I filled the gasoline tank on the SUV using points to get $.20 off per gallon.

– I washed two load of clothes and towels in the HE washer using minimal detergent. I dried the towels in the dryer using our wool balls (less drying time). I hung the clothing to dry. Only one piece of clothing needed to be ironed.

– I cooked all meals at home. We had homemade pizza, 3 nights of chuck roast with gravy( potatoes for Hubby and broccoli for me), SF BBQ Chicken with and Italian tossed salad, Teriyaki Chicken with Green Beans, and Taco salads.

– Hubby snow blowed 11.5 inches of snow. This is one job that we don’t have to hire someone to do.

– My sister called and we spent some quality time catching up on things. That was priceless.

– Hubby’s sister called and caught things up with him. That also was priceless.

– All of our Christmas shopping is done and wrapped and paid for with cash. 

– I told you that I was looking for a new tablet. I had been checking the Black Friday deals. However, I found one on the best deal ever. I ordered a Samsung Tablet which not only had a great price of $201.99 but I got a Free $50.00 gift card for ordering it. That $50.00 will be used in the future for something we need. 

– I baked some brownies because West is coming to visit.

– I quickly vacuumed the car since we had salty and sandy boots in it this week. I like to keep the car as new as possible.

– I was able to get off another drug which will save us $40. a year.

– I got 4 free books on Amazon Prime sent to my Kindle.

– I have been using the recumbent bike and the treadmill(which we managed to fix ourselves) to get my exercise this week. It is too cold and icy to walk outside. 

– I watched some You Tube shows while exercising. I love learning new things. 

– We not only watch food portion sizes but we watch household goods portion sizes. By that I mean, we don’t use any more shampoo than we need to wash our hair. We have found that a quarter size bit of shampoo is perfect for washing our hair. Using more would be a waste. We use just the right amount of dish liquid for the size of the job we are doing. We are mindful of these things and others like toothpaste, lotion, moisturizer, etc.

– We have been working on a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle for entertainment.

– I have been planning our meals out of our fridge and freezers. We had ZERO waste this week. Throwing food out is a huge money waster. 

That is it for this week. Comment and share what you did frugally this week. We would love to know.    

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I have been stocking up on the canned goods that Kroger has for the sale they always have this time of year. The canned tomatoes, cream soups, broth and canned veggies are all .49/can if you buy in groups of ten. I also bought a pork shoulder for .99/lb and hubby smoked on the smoker. We have been eating on it most of the week and I am going to put the leftovers in the freezer for a time when I don't want to cook.

I am still watching for a ham deal for Thanksgiving. Hubby will do on the smoker. We go to our daughter's in laws for Thanksgiving. I am also going to make the Asian slaw with the ramen noodles and some kind of chocolate dessert.

Hi Chris.

Those are great prices on the can goods. I can't get the cream soups for under $.79 here. Yum on the pork shoulder.

I haven't seen a ham deal here either. Maybe this weekend.

I am still using up as much food from the storage and freezers as possible. Just made two large pizzas to eat over the weekend. When hubs gets out the snowblower the whole neighborhood gets blown out.

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