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A Day In My Life

Rising at 6:15am always feels good knowing that I got a great night’s sleep(9 hours) and can get started on my busy day early. After my navy shower and letting my hair dry naturally, I made eggs and ham for Hubby and I for breakfast.

Hubby left to go to an appointment to have our snow tires put on the SUV for the winter. He booked the appointment for now because he is getting 50% off the price of the tire changeover.

After I did the dishes, I put a load of laundry in the HE with the laundry egg. Then it was time to have some pumpkin coffee and check my email, blog for comments, and check my do list for the day. Normally, I would now prep dinner. However, we are having fajita leftovers tonight. I made a big pan on Saturday night because I was craving Mexican food and we have been eating it ever since. Hubby has a wrap and I just have some on a plate of lettuce.
When Hubby got home, I grabbed my list of errands and went out the door with my second cup of coffee in my to go cup. 

First errand was to get the SUV washed. It had been raining most of the past week so I had to wait for a rain free day. Last week I cleaned the entire inside of the SUV, so now it needed a bath. I will be getting it washed frequently at the car wash over the fall and winter. We need to keep the salt and grime off of it. It was a huge investment of cash(more than my first house cost) so we like to keep it in great condition. It only costs $10. to get it washed and every 5th wash is free with the coupons they give you. I have 3 coupons right now, so after 2 more it will be a freebie. 

That done, it was time to do an Aldi’s shop for a few necessary items. I always keep a quarter in the center console so that I am ready to get my cart. I grabbed my recyclable bags and in I went. I only got what was on my list. I did not browse.

Last stop was at the hardware store to pick up another package of 60 watt LED bright light bulbs. My son changed out the bad ones yesterday and he said I needed more since I brought the bright. He said they should all match. I have 6 bulbs in 2 ceiling lights in my kitchen. Hubby changed the other ones out. What a difference the new bright bulbs make! I am very pleased. 

After putting my purchases away, I hung the laundry to dry. Then it was time to catch all the ironing up. I did that while I listened to some music. 

Next I picked up, dusted and vacuumed my entire home. Then I cleaned the bathrooms.

Down to the basement I went and spent 40 minutes on the treadmill while watching some more You Tube videos. 

That left me about 2 hours to do what I wanted. Hubby was not interested in watching a movie, so I  decided to read a book on my Kindle. I get a lot of free books because I have Amazon Prime.

When the mail came, I had a bill to pay and some  gifts to wrap. While I was wrapping, I decided to do another Christmas item that had come last week. Now all of Christmas items that I have so far are wrapped and my grandchildren won’t know what they are. 

Next it was time to eat the leftovers for dinner. One more thing in the refrigerator used up and not wasted. The media say that people waste 30% or more of the food they buy. Not in this house. I always check the fridge to see what needs to be eaten before it goes bad. If that means we have salad or leftovers for breakfast, we do it. 

After dinner, I watched a live You tube video. Then Hubby and I watched the Sabres Hockey game. It was a very full day and I will sleep soundly, I hope.

I meant to post this earlier and for some reason I forgot to post it.

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