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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things that we have done frugally this past week:

– We were going to buy new containers for the garage organization. After looking through our storage in the basement, we were able to find all the containers that we needed.

– I cooked all of our meals at home this week.

– I purchased 5 Christmas gifts, paid for them with cash, and wrapped them. 

– I ordered two tops from Amazon. When they arrived yesterday, they were not as described so I am returning them to Amazon at no cost to me.

– After contacting Phillips about the LED light bulbs that were under warranty, they are shipping me two new ones. 

– I spent $ 13.34 on the grocery shop I posted about and another $.89 for a package of hamburger rolls yesterday afternoon. That is all I spent on groceries for this past week.

-I organized and cleaned the inside of the SUV. I replaced the almost empty Kleenex packets in the glove compartment and the pockets near the back seats. They were from my stockpile. 

– I unpacked two storage containers of clothes that were in the basement. I had forgotten what was in them. I found 8 tops that were in excellent condition that I had outgrown when we lived in AZ. They fit me beautifully. 

– We have very little wall space in our entryway. So it is hard to make a place for coats and shoes there. There is no coat closet. I do have a large basket that we throw our shoes in but that is about it. Since winter will be here before we know, we decided to make a place for shoes, boots, gloves, and coats near the entry from our garage into the house. We will be using that entrance all winter. We have a bench seat that we purchased when we were in Arizona. It was in our entryway there but there is not room in the entryway here. So the bench seat was put in the garage. Since the floor was done, we have not been able to take it from our second bedroom where we  stored it when the garage floor was done. It is too heavy for Hubby and I to lift. My son will be here on Sunday and help Hubby put it back out there. The seat lifts up on it to store shoes. It is going on the wall near the door. Next to it will be our boot tray. I will put our basket of gloves, hats, and mittens in a container on the end of the bench. Hubby already installed a coat rack on the wall near where those items are going. That was the only thing new that we had to buy for that area this week at a cost of $15.11.

– We put the storm door on our back door. That will keep the winter winds out of the house.

– We got another low electric and gas bill on Wednesday. Our heat has been on for about 3 weeks now and the bill was only $106. for the month. We only used 475 KWH of electricity which is low for us.

– Hubby took his bottle returns back to Fast Cash and I added that money back into our grocery budget. 

What did you do frugally this week?

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My frugals for the week: I check the freezer daily for aging foods. Those become dinner for that night or the next depending on defrost time needed.

Last night: slightly frostbit smoked pork shoulder steaks with mac salad I made on Thursday that used a bunch of aging but still good boiled eggs.

Tonight: 2 slightly frostbit salmon burgers, there is 1 aging chibata bun (I'll have mine sans bun), more of the mac salad and the last of my garden tomatoes.

Tomorrow: I'm thawing a quart bag of peas that I shelled in the spring and promptly forgot about. Don't know what will go with those but I have 30 hours to decide-LOL.

This has been my meal process now for about 2 weeks! It's good to be doing this!

I ashamedly had to toss some spoiled produce into the compost pile Thursday. Bad girl.

Hi Elle,

You have done great! I have been eating from the freezer for quite a while now. I should post what I use up in a week.

A pot pie using the peas would be my idea.

We have all tossed produce at one time or another. So don't feel bad.

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