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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this past week:

– Since we are paying thousands of dollars to have our garage floor repaired and epoxied professionally, we have decided to paint the ceiling and walls ourselves. This won’t be done now until spring when it warms up. But I know what color paint we want for them, so I am actively keeping an eye out for this Sherwin Williams paint to go on sale and for a coupon. I will buy it when I see a good deal.

– I purchased a new long sleeved top for just about $11.00 after a coupon code. Then I paid for it with rewards points. I have only 2 long sleeved tops for winter so I am looking for good deals for a couple of more. I am also looking for a sale on the jeans I love because the new ones that I purchased not too long ago are getting baggy on me.

– I spent very little at the grocery store this week. We are eating mostly from our stockpile. 

– I printed off nice storage labels online and as I use them in the basement, I am laminating them with the machine I bought very cheaply many years ago.

– I washed sheets and clothing with the HE washer and laundry egg. The clothing was hung to dry and the sheets were dried with the wool balls. 

– I have purchased two more Christmas presents so my list is getting crossed off little by little. I used some of the $200.+ that I found in my dresser drawer to pay for them.

– I purchased Tim Horton donuts for breakfast one morning for West and Hubby to eat. I used a coupon that was worth $2.00 off. West was here for 4 days this past weekend.

– We bowled on the Wii. West beats me most of the time. It was fun and cheap entertainment. My son won the Wii many, many years ago. Since he already had one, he gave it to us. We have had lots of fun using it.

– We ordered pizza one night from Domino’s per West’s request. I did a deal they had online.

– Now that the heat is on, Hubby has programmed it to 63 at night ( 10PM – 7AM) and 67 the rest of the day. We have sweaters and sweatshirts to bundle up in.

– I read another book on my Kindle.

– For some reason Better Homes and Gardens has been sending me a free magazine each month. I never ordered it. So I enjoyed that this week. 

– I have been purging and organizing which so far has cost us no money. 

– Having a part of a loaf of bread that got hard, I made bread crumbs.

– We have been eating up our produce in salads for lunch. 

– I sewed a button on a sweater. 

– Meals have been quick and simple.

– We baked two loaves of pumpkin bread. 

What have you done this past week frugally?

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We are eating down the pantry, and it is nice to see so little spending on groceries. I ordered a suit for my daughter for Christmas but waited until it was down by 60%. She has to wear jackets into the court room.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am always so inspired when you do these posts. This week was not so frugal for us, we took our granddaughter to the Botanical Gardens in our town yesterday when I had her, and hubby took the day off, too. We decided to get a 1 year membership after our visit b/c we all enjoyed our time there so much. Also working on Christmas shopping, so spent some $$ there, but it was planned and in budget. I will write about my grocery shopping in your grocery post below, I did get a few good things.

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