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Frugal Things We Did This Past Week

These are the things we did frugally this past week:

– We still have not turned on any A/C or heat. The weather has been flip flopping. Some days it is warm and others it is cool. But so far we have lived without both of these things.

– I picked up my free Pop- arazzi Nail Polish at CVS with my free coupon they sent for my birthday month. 

– I went to the bank for our cash for October. I ran 4 errands while I was in that town.

– I picked up the free vanilla cinnamon bun at Panera for Hubby.

– Found a 50% off code for our tire changeover place and scheduled our appointment.

– I returned my two library books that I read but did not pick up anymore because I don’t have the time to read them in the next two weeks. If I get some time, I will read one on my Kindle.

– I received a B1G1F  birthday coupon from Bar S Franks. 

– We have been making really simple meals like shrimp cocktails, Chef’s salads and bacon and eggs for dinner. Tonight though I will be making a Hoisin Pork Tenderloin.  

– I redeemed points on Bing for another $ 5.00 Walmart gift card.  

– I baked two loaves of banana bread using really ripe bananas that were frozen. One loaf will be used for our Sunday breakfast. 

– I washed just one load of clothes this week using cold water and then hung them to dry.

– I received a birthday coupon for a free dessert from one of our local restaurants. Not sure I will use it. But if we go there, I will get it for Hubby.

– I have been using up things in the fridge including condiments and sauces, Our condiments are out of control again. I use all recipe’s ingredient search for this.

– Picked the last of our chives for this year. 

– We got our free to us flu shots. 

– On days that the weather permits, I have been continuing my 1-2 mile walks in our neighborhood. We have 5 ponds that I walk by and I am always looking for ducks or geese which are frequently there. 

– I filled the car up using gas points to defray the cost.

– I have been using up toiletries from our hotel stay and my hospital stay earlier in the year.  

– Shopped Tops on Senior Discount day to get a 6% discount.

What have you done frugally this past week?

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I have been using up things in the pantry which is so nice. Also only shopping for the freebies as I need nothing. You always inspire me with your long list of savings.

You had lots of good wins this week. I was traveling, so didn't have any expenses. It appears the boys ate out, despite me prepping food. The best laid plans & all. I did sell an item on eBay (and my youngest son packaged & mailed it for me), & was able to help a friend get to & from the airport for free, saving her money

Hi Hawaii Planner,

Thanks. Amazing how the boys always eat out. My 3 boys did when I was not home too. You did well even though you were traveling.

No A/C or heat for us yet although we are supposedly going from 80 tomorrow to 30 on Thursday so that will probably change. Nothing like a 50 deg temp change overnight oh…and snow. But it';; warm back up again.
I spend Thursday-Monday at my Moms in Indiana so no spending was done and I gleaned a few things that I could fit in my suitcase (extra Pyrex lids and 2 year old Christmas gifts). I also did my laundry before coming home. I ate at home before the flights so no airport food and I took Uber instead of a car service (-70.00). My ticket will be paid for with SB GC's

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