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Grocery Shopping This Past Week

I shopped at Aldi’s this past week. These are the items we purchased: 

2 – 1lb. pkgs. of Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef – $5.29 ea.

Hard Salami – $ 2.59

Artisan Jerky – $ 3.99

Turkey Pepperoni – $ 2.19

Goat Cheese – $ 1.99

2 Neufchatel Cheese – $ .79 ea.

1 Irish Butter – $ 2.49

2 Half and Half Creamers – $ 1.55 ea.

Pictured also is the vanilla cinnamon bun that I picked up at Panera Bread that was a free item on my card. Hubby was thrilled. He loves them.

2 Dill Pickle Sandwich Slices – $ .89 ea.

2 bags of Avocados – $ 4.99 ea.

2.41 lbs. of Seedless Green Grapes – $ 2.14

1 Sauerkraut – $ 1.69

1 Grape Jelly – $ 1.29

2 Bags of Macadamia Nuts – $ 8.99 ea.

2 Bags of Pork Rinds – $ .99 ea.

1 Bag of Pistachios – $ 5.99

2 Fudge Mint Cookies – $ 1.48 ea.

4 Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies – $ 1.36 ea.

1 Romaine Hearts – $ 2.19

Total was $ 81.93. The nuts and pork rinds are my snacks for the next few weeks. The other snacks are for Hubby and visitors. I was very happy to see the Macadamia Nuts back in our Aldi’s. An employee told me that they are seasonal. With the exception of the grape jelly, the rest of the items are things that we work into our daily meals. 

When I left the store I picked up next week’s flyer( starts October 6th) and saw that the organic grass fed ground beef will be on sale next week for $ 4.49 a lb. You must buy a large package of 4lbs. to get that price. I will be all over that since we use a lot of it.  

Did you get any good grocery deals this week?

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I did an Aldi shop this week also b/c the deals at the other stores were not so great, except the 1 day flash sale at Kroger for Halloween candy that I got and put away for the trick or treaters later this month. I needed some of the things I like to get that are cheaper at Aldi, like eggs, Greek yogurt, graham crackers, the frozen broccoli florets, and hummus. I don't go to Aldi every week, but try to hit there monthly.

Hi AD, this is Chris again. Check your email, I sent a link from one of the deal blogs about an Amazon deal on the dishwasher tabs if you still need them.

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