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How I Save On Gasoline

Gasoline is a commodity that the majority of us have to buy over and over again. It can add up to quite a huge bill over a month’s time. We usually only fill up our tank once a month unless we are traveling now that we are retired. 

But I know that a lot of you travel to work each day and that can get costly. I remember how costly it was when we had two cars and we were working and traveling to two different businesses for work. I also remember feeding our sons’ gas tanks on their cars so that they could drive to the private school that they attended that was almost 25 miles from our home. So gasoline costs can be significant.

There are a few things that we do to save on gasoline costs. They are:

1. We always pay with our 2% gasoline rewards credit card so that we get cash back.

2. We get gasoline points for grocery shopping at Top’s that give us money off per gallon at Top’s gasoline stations.  I have gotten my gasoline free a few times. The amount depends on how many points you have accumulated.  Many supermarkets have a program like this. When we lived in Arizona, there was a program(can’t remember what store it was that offered at) that allowed us get discounted gasoline at certain gasoline stations.

3. Many gasoline companies give you a discount if you use their branded credit card.

4. Before I leave the house I map out my trip. That usually entails deciding where I am going and how to drive it to use as little gas as possible. 

5. I use this fuel calculator to figure out what my route will cost me.

5 I will do as many errands in a week that I can all on one trip.

5. The other day I realized that the front driver side tire was getting soft. It wasn’t soft enough to get a warning on the car dash but it was getting there. So I took the few minutes to fill the tire up with air. Driving on soft tires doesn’t give you your best gasoline mileage. Keeping those tires filled properly will save you cash.

6. Do your tune ups that will keep your car running smoothly and thereby save you on gas costs.

7. If your car doesn’t need premium gasoline, use the regular. Most cars do not need premium gasoline. Check your car manual or ask your dealership. If you don’t need it, it is a waste of money to buy it. 

8. Always check Gas Buddy to see who has the cheapest gasoline in the area. Then if you have points to use on gasoline you can figure out if they are worth using or if you would be better off getting your gasoline at a different gas station. 

9. Some gas stations let you save a $.05 or so off a gallon if you sign up and let them take the gas money automatically out of your checking account. Unfortunately, the one near me sold and the new company does not have this benefit.
10. I have a gas station down the road from me that is cash only. They are usually cheaper than everyone else. In other words, you get a cash discount. 

11. When shopping for a car, you can save by buying a fuel efficient car to begin with.

12. If you can easily walk somewhere rather than driving, so it. 

13. If you have public transportation available, use it.

14. Car pool if possible to work. Hubby did this and saved a lot of money over the years that he did it.

15. Don’t be an aggressive driver. When starting up from a start, keep your RPM’s under 2 until you get up to speed. Jack rabbit starts waste gasoline. 

16. Don’t drive miles out of your way to save a few cents on gasoline. It will cost you more to go there than the few cents you will save.

17. On a cold morning, don’t warm up your car more than 30 seconds. Modern cars do not need a long warm up period like the cars of the “old days”.

18. During the warmer days of the year, buy your gasoline in the early morning or in the late evening. Gas is more dense when it is cooler outside so you get more of it when you pump. When the temperature warms up, you get less of it when you pump.

19. Turn your car off if you are going to be stopping for a few minutes. I can’t tell you how many peoples cars I see running at the grocery store or drugstore when they have run into shop for a few minutes. Idling costs money.

20. Keep your windows up as much as possible. They create drag which uses more gasoline. 

21. In the summer, park your car in the shade which will keep it cooler and keep you from turning on the A/C as much. A/C uses gasoline. In the hotter states, like Arizona, use a sunshade for your window when the car is parked. It won’t take as long to cool down your car with the A/C.

22. If you have cruise control, use it especially when driving on high speed highways. It will save you gasoline.

I am sure there are many more ways to save on gasoline. If you would like to add your $.02, please feel free to leave a comment.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. These are good gas tips. I do them also. Another tip I wanted to mention was that when we lived in our other town before we moved, I got all my gas at Sam's Club b/c it was the cheapest option in our particular area at the time. It was consistently .20/gal cheaper than other places near us. So, the warehouse clubs might be another option for some of your readers to consider, especially if they could receive the cost of the membership as a gift from a family member, like we did. For many years my mother in law gave us a Sam's membership for Christmas and it helped us.

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