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Preparing For Food Bargains

It’s the time of year to start thinking about getting needed items at rock bottom prices. There are three holidays coming up that I always shop. I will list them and the things that I get dirt cheap.

Halloween and the days After Halloween:

Candy Reduced to 50 – 90% off – Walmart usually has the best supply. But I do check any other markets or drugstores that I happen to be in. I use this candy for Christmas and next Halloween if it has a long expiration date. I will use chocolate candy to bake Thanksgiving and Christmas treats. 

Halloween Branded Cake Mixes – I have gotten these as cheap as $ .39 a box. When they go that low, I buy a lot to use all year for birthdays., etc.

Halloween Branded Frostings – When these go on clearance, I get a many as I can. You don’t have to use the Halloween sprinkles that come with them in the frosting. They can be saved for next year’s Halloween cupcakes.

Halloween Branded Cookies – I use these for treats for the grandchildren.

Before and Up to Thanksgiving:

Whole Turkeys – This the cheapest time of year to buy them. I have gotten them as low as Free with purchases and $.47 a lb. when I have purchased them.

Cream Soups- They are cheap because of the green bean casseroles that everyone makes.

Stuffing Mixes – I buy as many as are needed to go with the number of turkeys I purchase.

Cranberries – If I can get  bags between $ 1.00 and $1.69, I stock on these to make sauce and to make muffins all year.

Olives – Hubby loves olives and they are very cheap this time of year.

Chicken Broth – I usually pick up about 4 as spares when they go on sale. I like to make my own when I cook the turkeys.

Sugar, Flour and Other Baking items – These are at their lowest prices now and before Christmas.

Ham’s – They go rock bottom and stay there for Christmas. I will pay anywhere from $.79 a lb to $1.19 a lb.

Potatoes – They are about $.40 a lb. Even if they go higher they will be at the cheapest price all year.

Frozen Veggies – They usually go on sale for under $1.00 a bag or box, especially green beans.

Before and after Christmas:

Candy – the same as Halloween above. I use these for Valentines Day and St. Patrick’s Day by separating the colors. I freeze chocolate candy and use it to bake cookies all year long. 

Hams – the same as Thanksgiving.

Pork Roasts – I can usually get them for under
$ 1.49 a lb.

Eggs – They are usually cheap to use in making desserts.

Flour Sugar and Other Baking Items – the same as at Thanksgiving.

Chocolate Chips – If they go rock bottom (under $1.00), I will buy some to replenish my supply.

This is not a final list. I am sure that there are many things that I have missed. So if you can add to this list, please feel free to leave a comment so that we can all add them to our lists.  

I wish you all a safe and fun weekend.   

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I stock up on all of these items, this time of year, but not this year . It is use what we have and only buy if needed. We have to eat down everything if we are going to downsize the house and sell.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am having some computer issues this am so not sure what is coming to you with the comments, this is #3 time I am writing this, so ignore if you already got?

I stockpile many of the things you mentioned in this great post. A couple of things I didn't see mentioned that I stock on this time of year are 1. canned tomatoes and beans for chili. 2. A few cans of peaches and pears for weeks the fruit sales are slim. I used to stock on more baking supplies, and some of the Pillsbury pie crusts for the freezer, but we have changed our diet, so don't buy as much. I do miss baking, though

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