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Getting Ready For Winter

Winter is coming whether we like it or not. In a few short months it will be here. 

As I was walking toward my front door yesterday, I saw that sunlight was coming from under the door and leaving a spot of sun on our entryway rug. It made me realize that we have a leak under the door. So I asked Hubby to check it out and get it fixed soon. It looks like we need a new sweep put on the door. That is not something I want to let go with the heat going to be turned on soon. A lot of $$$$’s could leak out all winter. UGH!

Before he goes to the hardware store for the sweep, he will check our other two outside doors to make sure that they are airtight.

It will also be time soon to put our storm windows down instead of the screens. So that has also been put on my to do list.

If you haven’t stocked up on furnace filters, it is a  good time to do it….before you need them. I just purchased 12 of the cheapest filters I could at Home Depot on the recommendation of our heating expert. They were $.98 each. They get changed on the first of every month in our home.

Hubby is always cold in the house when cold weather hits. I didn’t understand it because we keep our heat at 70-72. But let me tell you, I understand it now. Since I have lost so much weight, I am always cold. So the both of us plan on bundling up this year inside the house. I have very few long sleeve shirts that fit me. So every week when I go to the market, I hit up Goodwill and look for them. So far I haven’t found any that I like that will fit me. But I will keep looking. 

In the meantime, I have sweaters and sweatshirts that I will wear. They are 4 sizes too big but will work when no one sees me. If I have to, I will put on my too big coat in the house. Hubby wears a coat and fingerless gloves  most of the winter in the house.

I refuse to put the heat up higher than 72 so we will just have to layer and go with it.  

I just washed all of our extra blankets that have been off the beds all summer. They will get put on soon too to keep us warm before the heats goes on. When the heat goes on, Hubby sets the night time temperature to 65. When he does that, I put the electric blanket on our bed.

Hubby just caulked windows last Fall but he will check and make sure that it does not have to be done this Fall. 

All of our energy saving shades are in good shape and fit tightly so none of them need to be replaced.

We will use our garage door to enter and exit our home because it is more protected than the other doors. That will help keep as little cold air out of our home as possible. 

Hubby has scheduled the appointment to have our sprinkler system blow out. After the company does that, he will turn the outside water faucets off in the basement and drain the outside faucets so they don’t freeze during the winter.  

I am sure you have all noticed that I have been stockpiling for the winter. I will be doing one more  large stockpiling shop just before Thanksgiving when turkeys and hams go on sale really cheap.  I will stock on turkeys, hams, stuffing, butter, sugar and flour. Perhaps a few other things too. 

We have enough other meat to get us through the winter. Matter of fact, I am cooking my first sirloin roast of the Fall in the pressure cooker today along with some veggies and some potatoes for Hubby. It just seems like a Fall day today plus I have a ton of errands to run so cooking quickly in the pressure cooker will work well.

The reason that I stockpile is so that I don’t have to go out too many times over the winter to get food. I do not like driving in the snow and ice. And I don’t like the cold. This way I can also stock up at rock bottom prices too. 

When and if I need fresh stuff or dairy, I now have Top’s, Wegman’s and Super Walmart’s pickup or delivery available to me which I will use. If we get a stretch of really bad weather, I will place an order. If I know that it is going to be a good winter day, I may do pickup. It will all depend on the weather. 

If I am going to pay for delivery, I will wait until I have a large list to make the delivery charges worth it. There is really nothing that we can’t go without until that happens. We have plenty of food.

What are you doing to get ready for winter? Please feel free to leave a comment and share with all of us. 


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Hi AD, it is Olga. We have a mild winter here in California, so our preparation is a bit different. I am still looking to rotate through my stockpile so nothing expires, and always looking for a good price to stock up. When my sister lost a lot of weight and was freezing, she would wear thermal underwear under her clothing along with a pair of wool socks. It really helped her get through the cold/damp winter! Amazon has good prices on these for both men and women!

Turtle necks and wool socks,layer. I have to. I am always cold. I love the heat, so in winter I always wear a turtle neck or at least a scarf wrapped around my neck.

I am still canning and making kraut this week. I am waiting for the 50# bag of potatoes to be available and then my big shop is also around Thanksgiving. My other tip is to find good thick warm socks. I bought some from Target last year, I think the brand is Champion. Unfortunately I have a contact allergy to wool socks. But the warm socks and layering keep me warm and the heat low.

We have hopefully our last foray into the 90's this weekend (we are in CO) and I am over the heat. We just talked about doing the sprinkler blow out, last year the guy messed it up so I am hoping Chris can do it himself this year. I need a new electric throw since my controller went out last year. I layer as well with fleece pullovers and fleece pants on the weekends. The office gets way to hot for me so a tshirt and cardigan is all I need

It is still in the 80s and we are waiting for crop harvest here in SE Nebraska. We just picked up our beef from the butcher and the last delivery of butchered chickens. Those with the 1/2 of hog I got last month will keep us in meat until next summer. I have a turkey breast in the freezer for thanksgiving and will either get a spiral ham on a good sale for Cmas or we will eat a chicken & beef roast.
We will have our furnace checked over soon. I work for an HVAC company so I will trade that service for a homemade pizza dinner with my boss. We change our filter every month throughout the year.
I strive to not turn on the furnace until I absolutely have to. We have a SunHeat heater that I will turn on when it gets too cold to be comfortable. We will get the propane tank filled soon. We use a keep-filled subscription and get a good price for the fuel that way. Added plus is I don't have to worry about us running out of fuel and having to pay a higher charge to check the system if that would happen.
I will be ordering humidifier filters from Amazon. We run the humidifier in the living room to help keep the temperature more even.
We keep the furnace at 68-70 when we are home and turn it down to 62-65 when we are sleeping or when we leave for the day. I wear sweaters, warm socks and slippers in the evenings. Farmer covers up with a quilt when he's watching tv. Also a warm cup of tea helps keep me warm in the evening.
At the office I sit where there is always a cold draft. I have a small heater I can plug in. I wear warm socks and shoes. I wear layers and have a fleece jacket on my chair for really cold days.

Hi Kay,

Nice swap on the furnace. We do have to get our furnace checked too.

Fortunately we have two extra humidifier filters so Hubby will change it if need be.

Thanks for the tips on how you stay warm.

You also seem well stocked on meat!

When I weighed 110 lbs, I was always ready for a blast of ac. I rarely wore a coat in the winter! It is still in 93 to 95 range, so fall is not much of a thought yet.

Hi AD, this is Chris. We keep our home the same temps as Kay above, and I wear a sweater and use throws like the other ladies. I used to be cold all the time before I went through menopause, but now am not so much.

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