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What We Ate and Grocery Shopping This Past Week

These are the groceries that we purchased the past week.


4 ears of Corn on the Cob- 4 for $1.00
Broccoli Crowns – $ .88 lb. = $1.02

Total OOP was $2.02.


24 cans of Whole Potatoes – $ .49 each = $ 11.76
1 Pkg. of Romaine Hearts – $ 2.19
1 Pkg of 3 Colored Peppers – $2.99
Organic Bananas – $ .59 lb. = $1.24
1 Mustard – $ .55

Total OOP was $18.73.

We are eating from our pantries, fridge and freezers. I am starting to stock on items I believe will go up in price over the next year and getting a few things to fill in the gaps to stock us for the winter since I hate the snow and cold. 

Last week we ate bagels(Hubby), eggs, Canadian bacon, regular bacon and ham for breakfasts.

Dinners were:

Turkey with mashed cauliflower, stuffing, and brussel sprouts – 2 dinners

Chicken with SF BBQ sauce and side salads – 2 dinners

Taco Salads – 1 dinner

Choice of Salmon or Haddock and broccoli – 1 dinner

Dinner at the Party – 1 dinner 

I hope to take more pics of what we eat this coming week. It has been hectic here.

Did you cook anything special this past week? Did you get any good grocery deals?

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I know I mentioned on one of my other comments that we picked up the beef from hubby's co worker last Fri and put it in our freezer and our daughter's freezer. I wanted to let you and the readers know about a new product we tried that makes really good fish tacos. It is called Slawsome and is in the bagged salad part of our Kroger. The Cilantro Lime flavor is really, really good to put on the tacos. We had this with some shrimp on Sunday for an easy fish taco supper. Kroger had the uncooked, but peeled and deveined kind on a 2 day sale last weekend so I bought a bag and hubby cooked them on the smoker. I am also trying to save a little bit of our grocery money each week so we can go to the farmer's market in town and get some good tomatoes. This past week we got them and also some pickles for hubby and some Belgian waffles to try. This is the first year for our town to have a farmer's market so we are trying to go so they will continue to offer it in the future.

I was wondering about the canned potatoes you bought? I have never bought these and was wondering what you use them for? Potatoes are something that we don't use very fast around here, so wonder if this would be more economical for us also? I have been mostly buying them on the marked down produce bags at Kroger for .99 as we need them. I don't buy the big bags much anymore since most of the time they go bad before we can use them all.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the tip on the fish tacos. I will see if my store has Slawsome.Yeah on the farmer's market. My Niagara Produce usually has the best prices on produce unless a market has a sale.

I use the canned potatoes roasting them in the oven with a beef roast or leg of lamb or chicken or even with a turkey breast once in a while for Hubby. I also throw them in a stew in the crock pot. Sometimes I roast them with some olive oil and spices for Hubby when I am roasting veggies for me. Fresh potato prices are starting to skyrocket. So canned is all I am stocking on. Plus Hubby can't eat them before they go bad.

Frugal- We picked up our 1/2 pork (small one it was too) on Saturday. We didn't get anything cured, we are pretty picky about bacon & ham. We got the shoulder roasts, better pork chops, 2/3 breakfast sausage & 1/3 Italian sausage. We had just one large cooler full. 52lbs for 60cents on the hoof.
We had to get new tires on the pick up but the salesman gave Farmer a $20 p/tire rebate and bought back (pro-rated) 2 of the old tires. We brought home the other 2 instead of paying the recycle fee of $8 each.
Farmer also bought a used head trailer for his bean head. Saved over $200 from other prices he's dealt with.
On the way home we stopped by a farm stand selling melons. The muskmelon was too far along but the yellow seedless watermelon is very good. It really hit the spot tonight. Our heat index today was 110 degrees
We finally did a "big" shop (such as it was) Sunday evening for the week. My list was pretty small since we too are eating out of pantries & freezers. I don't have to buy meat so that helps alot. I also had gotten farm eggs at the butchers, they were only $1.50 p/doz. Block cheese was $1.88 each so I stocked up on Provolone. The Grands really like that. I noticed many other items I only buy once in a while have gone up in price at least by 20% Other things I got were organice romaine hearts, halfnhalf, potatoes-white & sweet, bread & buns for Farmer, applesauce in single serve containers for the babies and for if we get sick. I have some in the freezer for normal eating but it takes too long to thaw if we need a quick portion. Shampoo & conditioner were on sale. Sometimes it pays to look at all the departments in the grocery store.
Finally: I made a new W30 recipe: Salisbury Meatballs over mashed potatoes. I've been buying the W30 friendly dry ingredients little at a time for this round. Tapioca flour, almond flour, coconut aminos. I make my own bone broth. I purposely didn't tell Farmer it was "healthy." And he liked it well enough. Win!

Hi Kay,

Wow! What a great deal on the pork! It was nice that there was a rebate on the tires and the $200 on the trailer.. We need to buy tires in the spring so I will look at rebates. In October, the snow tires will go on until then. You also had a good shopping trip.

Every single purchase is getting a second glance as to need or want
Chris sold a bunch of tools to help pay for other ones he wants
Temporarily suspended my 401 contributions until we pay off 2 debts
Found a windshield repair place for 29.95 to fix a chip in the rental car otherwise I am sure we would have been charged for it
keep repairing things the pup is chewing on but I have a dog trainer coming by Saturday for a consult
Took the bird feeders down until winter (we spent a lot on bird food this summer)

Hi Patti,

I love your second glances. Our your 401K contributions matched by your employer? If so you might want to rethink that unless there is not other way to pay off the debt.

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