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A Little of This and A Little Of That

We had the worst weather this weekend. About the time I left for the hair salon on Saturday morning, the skies opened up and the thunder and lightning was bad. Fortunately, we always keep an umbrella in the car. After I left the hairdresser, I had to run another errand but I was very happy to get home. It was hard to see to drive the rain was so heavy.

I was standing in the kitchen, when a bolt of lightning hit in the woods right behind us. It scared me so badly. More on that later.

I appreciate all of the feedback on my hair dilemma. I did go and this was the result. I even wore a shirt that was 4 sizes too big for me(for occasions like this, for cleaning the house or working in the yard)  so that I could get it off easily to change into my party clothes without messing up my hair. 

It had been 6 weeks since I had been to the salon. My hairdresser on that appointment did something different. I have blonde highlights on the sides and the front. She decided to color my roots the same shade. What a difference that has made!  After these 6 weeks, I did not have to have the roots done. She said there was no gray. She told me I could easily go another 4-6 weeks because it will blend as my hair grows. So since roots and highlights were fine, she only had to shampoo and cut it. She only charged me $30. I added a $6. tip and I was on my way. I was thrilled.

When I got home, I gave myself a manicure. No nail salon for me. 

We had an annual picnic party to go to at a good friend’s home. I went over an hour early to help her shred all of the smoked pork bellies and slice the smoked beef briskets and get them into the large chafing containers. Hubby arrived at the starting time of the party. We had such a good time with friends and neighbors. There was good conversation, good food, and drink. I behaved myself and stuck to my diet food, although I did have just one draft beer.  We look forward to this get together every year. Fortunately, the rain stopped and the sun came out about an hour before the party began.

At the party, a neighbor told us that many other neighbors had problems with things blowing out about the time of the lightning strikes. A number of neighbors lost power for a bit. One neighbor had many of their shingles blown off which is what we experienced in a wind storm last spring.

I made a mental note to check my freezer in the basement when we got home to make sure it was running.  When Hubby came to the party, he didn’t arm the house alarm because we were right across the street and could see the house. When we got home, we realized that there was a fault message on the alarm panel. It was one that we had never seen before. So we have our alarm people coming to find the problem today. This may have occurred during the storm. We again had bad storms early yesterday morning and again last night. It has gotten so hot here- upper 80’s that I expect that we will get more this week. I had to put the A/C back on a couple of days ago.

Yesterday was a quiet day at home. We stayed home all day. My family did not come to breakfast because my DIL took West to NYC on Thursday to do some sightseeing and for a Ninja competition on Saturday.

Hubby was happy to watch some preseason football. I looked over all the food ads for this week. There were really no good buys except broccoli crowns for $.88 a lb. and Amaize sweet corn that is 4 for a $1.00. I may or may not get some this week. Hubby loves the corn, so I may blanch some to put in the freezer. I did notice that beef prices are rising. Steaks were up about $ 2.00 a lb. and ground beef that is usually $1.99 a lb. is now $ 2.29 a lb. on sale. Time will tell if Aldi’s raises the price of the 100% grass fed ground beef that I always buy.

For dinner last night I roasted a turkey breast that I purchased at Top’s for $.88 a lb a few weeks ago. It was the worst turkey breast that we have ever had. It is so tough that we could barely chew it. I am going to see if it is more tender cold. If not, I am considering calling the meat department to see if I can get my money back. I don’t know if they will want the turkey back even though it is roasted or not. I will call and find out what to do.

Well, I am off to start my day. I have a lot of cleaning to do. I hope you all have a good one. 

Have any of you returned meat like this? Did they give you your money back? Did you bring the meat back cooked?    


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Sounds like the turkey breast you got was from an old bird. Breast meat is the driest on a bird and I always roast a turkey in a baking bag to keep in the juices as they are easy to overcook. We eat venison as my husband gets a deer each year. Hubby will marinate it for at least three days in greek dressing or another marinate, then add bacon and onion soup to cook in the crock pot. It comes out so tender, and no gamey taste.
I see you had your hair cut quite short. I was never a fan of really short hair as it doesn’t look good on me, my face is too round. Short hair needs more regular cutting to keep the shape. I actually spend less time on my hair keeping it long. Of course I have my husband comb out and braid my hair for me. He has done well over a thousand times, so he can do it in just a few minutes without yanking my hair. He loves my hair long, so I tell him as long as he does my hair for me, I won’t ask him to cut it off, a very strong motivation for him. We have seen some pretty strong storms this season, we had one last night with high winds that caused local power outages. We recently added a security system. It has cameras and it is internet accessible so we can get a notification on an app on our phone and activate the alarm if we choose to. The nice thing is there is no monthly subscription fees.

Hi Keri,

I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for the suggestion of the bag.

I look awful in long hair. I have pretty much always had short hair. I envy you people who can wear short hair.

That is nice on the no fee but we are monitored so there is a fee.

For drinks that might be more on plan, do you like flavored sparkling water? The La Croix type? If so, there are alcoholic versions (Truly, Whiteclaw, etc). They have 100 calories, no sugar & no carbs. Might be worth subbing for a beer, if you can bring your own to an event? I really enjoy them as an option

Hi Cheryl,

Not seeing my face was deliberate. Thanks for the compliment. Hubby is going to try to dice it up small and make chicken salad. And yes, I will make a pot of soup. Thanks for the suggestion.

pretty hair! put turkey in bag o crockpot. Let it rest before cutting it so any juices can soak up the juices again. How about chicken a la king. or serve it in gravy. Slice thinly.

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