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Ten Things We No Longer Purchase

Here are ten things that we do not purchase anymore which save us money:

– 81 mg. aspirin – Our doctor is no longer recommending one aspirin a day for me due to the newest studies that have come out. Unless you have had a heart attack, the doctors are no longer recommending it. 

– Multivitamins – Most studies show that they do nothing for us so they are a waste of money. 

– Dryer sheets – We use our dryer balls when we use our dryer.

– Antibacterial Wipes – Spray cleaners do the job much cheaper.

– Juices or Juice Drinks – Most juices are nothing but pure sugar. The only exception to this rule is I buy V8 juice which is part of my diet.

– A Warehouse Club Membership – I can get equal or better deals at Walmart, Aldi’s, Save A Lot, and Amazon. 

-DVD’s or Books – The library has so many that I don’t need to buy them. We also get free ones that we put on our Kindles.  

– Packaging Boxes or Envelopes – We reuse the ones that we get with shipped items. 

– Individual Magazines – I read them in my doctor’s waiting room or at the hair salon.

– Disposable Razors – We buy refills for razors cheap online from Dorco.They will be for sale on Amazon soon.

Are there things that you used to buy that you no longer deem necessary to purchase? Please share with us.

Also I have a question? Do any of you have a Go Pro? Which model and do you find they are worth the money?

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We also don't use any fabric softener (supposedly it breaks the clothes down faster than without).
We don't have any magazines subscriptions, nor do we buy them.
We don't buy books or movies (use the library or netflix).

We do have a warehouse membership, as we're feeding a family of four, and two teenage boys. That said, there is also no Aldi in our area. We have the executive membership & credit card, so it ends up being a good deal for us. But, not something I'd recommend unless you are feeding a hungry bunch. That said, their travel deals are fantastic & have saved us over the cost of membership. Something to keep in mind if you are ever planning a big trip.

We have a Go Pro. I think we've used it a few times in Hawaii, but I don't think we'd buy it again if we had to do over.

No fabric softener either when I use the dryer. I use wool dryer balls.

We always had a warehouse membership when we were feeding my sons too. Boy could they ever eat when they were playing sports. So I understand your choice.

Thanks for the info on the GO Pro. I am thinking long and hard on getting one- maybe for Christmas.

I am about 50/50 from your list but others for me are
Frozen dinners
Chips, crackers
Sweets (except Dove Dark Chocolate)
Essential Oils
Cat Toys
Using any appliances during Tier 1 pricing

We do have a 'club' membership, I think it depends on where you are located and what you use it for. We drive a LOT, and try to strictly fill up there as it's 30 cents per gallon cheaper than other stations. I know in some areas of the country, grocery stores have great discounted gas deals, but around here they're not as good. Safeway does do 10 cents off per gallon per 100 points earned, but the points are not as easy to earn as at some other stores I see described, and Safeway is much more expensive than my discount grocery (except for the loss leaders!), so my shopping there is typically limited.

I'm with you on pretty much everything else. I do have one magazine subscription, which is an annual Christmas present, and I love it (it's the New Yorker), but I definitely wouldn't buy a subscription to most other magazines, and I'm not sure if I'd take the plunge if I didn't get gifted this one!

Hi Rachel,

Things work differently for people in different areas. It sounds like your warehouse club works well for you.

Thank you for sharing with all of us.

I am with you on 7 of 10. We use a warehouse: organic veggies all winter when the garden is done and Farmer's Market is over. We take Sunset magazine-since 1987. We vacation from the files of gleaned articles of places to see and we've seen places most people don't know about. We do take vitamins and I take an Aspirin daily. I'll research those.

In addition:
1. Rarely a boxed or bagged food item enters home. We try hard not to consume "food" with chemical names.
2. Frozen/prepared foods-only the occasional box of ice cream.
3. New clothing. I hit thrift stores first. Only if I truly need something and they don't have it, do I go buy a new piece of clothing. And then I try Ross 1st.

We've been frugal for 3 decades so it's hard to come up with items we used to use and quit.

Hi Elle,

Thanks for sharing. I find that our thrift stores are as expensive as buying sale or clearance items. I do check every once in a while.

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