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The Deal of The Year

I love salmon but I don’t love the price. But because it is so healthy for me and it tastes so darn good, I try to keep a supply in the freezer.

The very best price I usually get it at is when it is on sale at Top’s for $ 10.99 a pound. That is when I stock.

However, Wednesday night on our weekly chat, my sister told me that she got salmon at Aldi’s this week for $ 7.69 a pound. I told her I had purchased it there before on sale and it was delicious. Since I only had a few pieces left in my freezer, I decided to go on the hunt to Aldi’s to look for this salmon on Thursday morning.

I found 3 whole ones which are pictured above. However I noticed as I looked at them that they were expiring on July 26th which meant today.  All three of them had the same expiration date and they were the only three they had.

So I picked all three up and put them in my cart. I put them at the end of my order as the cashier checked me out. I asked her to call a manager and to not ring up the salmon until after I talked with her.

The manager came over and I said to her ” These salmon all expire on July 26th which is tomorrow. Would you reduce the price to a reasonable one? If you do, I will buy all three.” She said to me “How about 1/2 price on each?” I didn’t think twice about it and they came home with me and are in my freezer. Note the reduction for each on my receipt.

I got 7.78 lbs. for $29.90 or $ 3.84 a pound. I didn’t hesitate because they looked good and I know that they have a guarantee that I can get my money back if one of them is not good. The manager told me just to hang onto the receipt. Guess what we had for dinner last night? It was delicious! 

I also picked up the three pack of the above pictured organic ground beef. It came with three packages connected. I cut the three apart to fit them in my freezer. The three pack was on sale for $4.49 a pound or $17.96 for all three. The total of the 3 packages was 4 lbs. I tell you this because the cashier decided that since there were 3 packages attached she must have to scan it three times. When she gave me the total I said something is wrong. The manager was still standing there and she said to the cashier, the total price of all three of the ground beef is $17.96. As you can see on my receipt, they charged me for three and then credited me back two. That would have been awfully expensive ground beef. So watch your prices when they ring up. If I hadn’t been talking to the manager about the salmon while the cashier rang up the ground beef, I would have caught it before the order was totaled.

I buy this normally in a 1 lb. package on sale at Aldi’s for $4.49. The three of these packages that were connected were larger than my norm so they were a total of 4 lbs. This is hands down the best ground beef we have ever purchased since the 1960’s. The flavor and texture is outstanding. I will never go back to purchasing other ground beef. 

The salmon deal made my day, week and month! Do you remember a deal that made your day?  

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I just got up and can barely read, and now you want me to think? lol I know I have done a few Snoopy dances in my head over bargains, but cannot recall. Well, I can recall one, but it is not a food dance.

That is a great deal! Way back, when the kids were little, Sam needed a special soap/shampoo for his baths. It was made by Aveda, and super, super pricey. Safeway was having a big sale on Aveda, and they had the print out coupon machine near it. Together, the shampoo, normally around $5, was… -$1. It was crazy. The deal went on for a week I ended up with 20 or so.

You dog you, I will remember that. We usually go out to the Indian tribe that fishes year round and get our Salmon fresh but never for that price. You go girl. I am so jealous. Can I get a dinner invite perhaps?

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