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Saving on Utilites By Using Your Toaster Oven

My toaster oven saves us so much money. We use it for most meals instead of our large oven. Granted we are a family of two but I make meals for 2 nights in it sometimes.

We have small pans that fit in it. It even accommodates small foil pans that I can prepare meals in advance in and then freeze. It is so easy to just pull them out of the freezer when needed and put them in the toaster oven.

Not only do we make casseroles, roast meat and veggies in it but when Hubby wants a pizza, it fits nicely on a small pizza pan and cooks  beautifully in it. I have also baked cakes, brownies and a few cookies at a time in it. I have made biscuits too.

The cost to operate it is so much less than heating up the large oven. If I choose to use it when the A/C is on, I can easily transport it to the patio or garage and plug it in there so that I am not heating up the air in the house that the A/C just cooled down. 

I bought an expensive Breville and it has served us well for a long time. If it died tomorrow, I would replace it without even thinking about it. That is how much I love it. But there are many less expensive toaster ovens that you can use that will do the same thing.

So the next time, you go to turn your oven on, see if you can’t cook your item in the toaster oven and save  yourself some money. 

Do you have a toaster oven What do you cook in it?

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I don't have one, but, when I need to use the oven, I wish I did have one. It seems I decide to get one in the summer, but by Fall I change my mind.

We don't have a toaster oven, & haven't considered getting one, so that's interesting. We do have a panini maker (also Breville) that we use for quite a bit (including grilling prepped/cooked meat from the freezer) vs the oven. When we vacationed in Hawaii, we took the panini maker & used it for: bagel toasting in the morning, cooking chicken patties & chicken skewers for lunches, etc. Making actual sandwiches as well.

I don't have one of these as I have no place to put it. But it is something that we would use. I will have to go rethink the kitchen.

we used to have a toaster oven but it died a while back.
We do have an air fryer and really like it how it cooks and how it doesn't heat up the kitchen. Since I've bought it, Ive seen airfryer/toasteroven combos and I wish I had that kind but
unless I see a super low deal on one, I won't replace ours until needed.

We have that same toaster oven and I use it all the time as well. I think the only thing I use the oven for is baking up 2lbs of bacon at a time (I take bacon to work with me every day) and pizza.

Hi AD…it is Olga. We love our toaster oven! We gave up our toaster (when it died we replaced it with a small toaster oven) and I use it quite frequently. Breakfast to toast bread/bagels, make hash browns from frozen, heat sausages. Lunch we make grilled cheese sandwiches, taquitos, heat up burritos. We also use it for small cooking (1-2 chicken breasts, hamburger patties, tater tots). It gets a lot of use. To be honest, I don't take it out to the backyard, but I might start doing that now that the summer heat is in full swing. Because I did not know how much I would use it, I got a very inexpensive one at Macy's on sale a few years ago. When this one no longer works, I would consider purchasing a bigger one for use.

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