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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done to save money the past week.

I grocery shopped on 6% Senior Discount Day at Top’s. I got a $3.49 bag of carrots for free with a Monopoly coupon.

I took back a bag of Hubby’s soda cans and got a $2.00 deposit refund.

I found the same jeans that I love on Amazon for $10.00 less than I had purchased them at J. C. Penney’s.  I now have 4 pair and I think that will do me for now. I earned points on our credit card and got a rebate on Rakuten(formerly Ebates).

I received a $6.00 rebate in the mail.

We have a dead tree in the garden in the front yard. It is a good size but not too big to handle. Hubby and my son are going to dig it out and let the town take it on brush day. I loved this flowering tree but Hubby thinks the harsh winter and wind killed it. Rather than have another expensive tree killed, we are going to replace it with a huge peony bush that we have in a backyard garden.

Our garage that maintains the car wants $750. to put new back and front brakes on our car. My other son has said he will help put in new ones with Hubby. That will save us quite a bit of money.

I booked a 2 night stay for a trip that we are taking later in the summer. I used Priceline and got a great rate. I also used a $5.00 off coupon that Priceline gave me for signing up. I went through Rakuten and will get $ 5.15 back after we travel.  I also got reward points on my credit card.

We did not eat out at a restaurant or get fast food this past week. All food was made and eaten in our kitchen.

I did some hand wash and hung it to dry.

We have not spent much grocery money the past few weeks. So I took money for a birthday gift out of it and it also saved me a trip to the bank. My gift purchase was made using a 15% senior discount, $5. in Kohl’s cash, a $5. coupon and a 20% off coupon. I love stacking these.

It has been so cold here that we have had to use the heat again a couple of mornings just to take the chill off. But we have not had to use the A/C on the warm days.

I took back a couple of library books and got 3 more.

Only turned on the oven once to roast a chicken. Most meals were either cold or done in my electric fry pan. 

I picked up an application for our dental office discount. We will fill it out and return with the lump payment a week or so before our next appointment. We have determined that it will save us money especially on major work which will be 20% off.

Our state is changing the way they give the Star Rebate on school taxes. Our town sent us a newsletter explaining the changes. You now have two options, one of which will probably save us some money, I stopped at the town to get more info. Anytime we can save a little more money, we are in. We will be applying for the new way when it becomes necessary.

So what have you done to save money this past week?

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I've been definitely taking advantage of ebates. We have been booking quite a bit of travel & working on major home projects, so I've been buying gift cards via ebates from Raise, & saving 1% through ebates & then whatever the Raise discount is. We have been using them for things like flights & will also use some of the gift cards to pay for our new doors. It really does add up.

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