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Frugal Things The Past Week

Frugal Things will now be my Wednesday posts. So this is what we have done the past week to save some dollars:

– My bathroom faucet handle became loose. I didn’t know why. I let Hubby know. He checked it out and fixed it. It had become unscrewed. He screwed it back together and it works fine. I am glad we didn’t call a plumber.

– Having cleaned out the expired OTC meds from our supply, I needed to replace some things. I researched prices and shopped where the prices were the best. Some I ordered through Amazon which earned me reward points. Some I purchased at Walmart using a $10.00 Fetch Rewards gift card. It was generic at Walmart because the ingredients were exactly the same as the name brands.

– My dentist has come up with a prepaid plan which he says will save us money. They mailed all of the details to us. Doing some research looking at past prices, I am not so sure that it will. So there was only one way to really find out. I called and requested a current price list for procedures. They are mailing it to me. When I get it, I can take a better look and make a decision as to whether it will or not.

– All meals have been cooked at home. We have not been out to a restaurant since mid February.  

– Hubby sharpened the blades on our John Deere riding lawn mower. Rather than have the John Deere place do the maintenance, Hubby does what he can which saves us money. 

– Since my surgery I have been able to get off of three maintenance drugs. That is saving us $ 440. in co-pays a year. 

– Our landscaping company who takes care of our property for us wanted $750. for enough mulch to redo our gardens. That included the labor. We have decided that price is excessive since we can order a truckload of mulch for less than $200. Now that I have been cleared to lift things again, I can shovel mulch. So Hubby and I will be doing this work ourselves. 

– Today I will be baking a homemade loaf of Cranberry Orange bread to take to a party tomorrow night as a hostess gift. This bread is easy, tasty, and frugal. The hostess has a large family so it will be a nice breakfast treat.

– My son and West came for lunch rather than breakfast last weekend. Many times I have sent him out to Sandwiches and Ales to pick lunch up. However, this time I planned ahead and made our lunch. We had sandwiches, cut up strawberries, chips, cookies, and ice cream(West). I had a lettuce wrap and some strawberries. This saved us about $40.

– Hubby has been making me sugar free jello which is a treat that I can have on my diet. It gives me a little something sweet once in a while without breaking the budget. 

– I have gone down two sizes in clothes. It was time to buy a couple of items to get me through to the next two sizes down. I ended up buying some jeans and tops at J.C. Penney’s. Of course the ones I picked were 40% off. Kohl’s had nothing in my size that I liked. 

– Wow! Gas prices have really gone up. I filled up the tank while I was out using the $.10 a gallon that I had left on my Top’s card. I still paid $ 2.86 a gallon.

– Hubby is outside mowing our lawn so that we don’t have to pay someone to do it.

– Hubby and I went to the Running’s grand opening this afternoon. I had a $ 10.00 off coupon. There was nothing we really needed so I used it to purchase some Adirondack maple syrup. We are on our last bottle.

That is all for this past week. Please feel free to leave a comment and share with all of us what you have done frugally this past week.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I had written about some of the frugal things we have done recently. Today is our anniversary. I got hubby a card at the Dollar Tree. We had our big celebration over the weekend, so today we just went to one of those fast food bowl type places for lunch. Hubby's boss told him to put it on the company card, which I thought was kind of him. I also went to the grocery this morning and spent $35 on mostly produce, cat treats, dairy items and a few other things we needed like bread. I was careful not to over buy, and to mostly shop the loss leaders. I also had a $10 store reward that I used, which was a nice thing to have, and a few coupons. I will go to Kroger and shop their deals on Fri.

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