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A Little Of This and A Little Of That

Our government here in New York has banned plastic bags effective March 31, 2020. Knowing that they were probably going to do this, I have been saving every one that comes into the house for months and I will continue to save them. I have a plastic bag dispenser inside one of my pantries for the ones that I will use over the next few months. The rest are being stored in empty Kleenex boxes in my basement stockpile. 

Why you ask? Because I reuse them for my garbage. In our town all garbage must be bagged before you put it in your trash can. So I empty waste baskets from all over the house into these little bags. That way I can save the expensive tall kitchen garbage ones that I buy for just the kitchen waste basket. 

We have some people who walk their dogs in our neighborhood who don’t live in here and don’t always pick up after their dogs. So those bags are what I use to clean it up. Most of my neighbors pick up after their dogs.

I expect that when the new law goes into effect here that tall kitchen garbage bags and those black trash bags will rise in price. So by using what I have, I make mine last longer. 

Last month I found a new product that we love. It is G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar Free BBQ Sauce. Walmart carries it for $7.52 for a 2 pack. We tried the Hickory flavor but they have other flavors too which Hubby and I will be trying. This is delicious! So many SF products don’t taste good but this one is definitely a keeper. I made a pan of BBQ chicken the other night and even Hubby loved it. And my Hubby is very fussy. So if you have a diabetic in the family or just don’t want sugar in the products you eat, give it a try. 

I am rearranging my kitchen cupboards again to make things easier for me as I age. This is the results after I rearranged my beverage cupboard. I think you have all seen that I keep my Keurig on my kitchen counter along with our sugar free syrups and whipped toppings that we make our coffee with. Everything else is in the cupboard above these things. The only new container I purchased was my
tea box .  Th organization doesn’t need to be pretty. It just needs to be functional.

For those of you that don’t know, you can click on the pictures and they will get bigger. That is a tip for my senior readers who may not see as well as they used to and that includes me. 

Today will be a quiet day spent at home. I will continue working on my organization projects. Dinner tonight will be mandarin orange chicken for Hubby so that he can finish up the rice. I will finish the last bit of BBQ chicken and the broccoli.

Any of you doing any organizing now that Spring is here? Feel free to leave a comment and share with us.

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I too use those bags for garbage and many things. So far here in Idaho no threats but we all need to be a little more careful with plastics.

I also use the plastic bags for the small trash cans in our house. I'll have to send you a care package of bags someday, ha. Thanks for the recommendation on the BBQ sauce. My father was recently diagnosed as a diabetic, and he loves BBQ sauce, so I'm sure this will be a hit!

I told my Dad about the BBQ sauce, and he wanted me to buy some. I was at Walmart this afternoon, found a bottle, and when the cashier rung up my groceries, she commented on the BBQ sauce…"This is really good!" Just had to share that with you!

Hi AD, this is Chris. I shop at Kroger and they have said they are taking away the plastic bags by sometime in 2020. We use them for different things also, and especially when we do the kitty litter (we use the scoopable kind). I am not doing any organizing for now.

It was beautiful here yesterday when I had my granddaughter and we spent most of it outside, she was so dirty at the end of the day! LOL! I figure that means she had fun. We have to finish our taxes this weekend, no putting it off anymore.

Hi Chris,

You better get to it on the taxes. You made me laugh. I always let my kids get as dirty as they wanted playing outside after all they are kids! Thanks for sharing.

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