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Now That January Is Well Under Way……

Now that January is well under way, are you wondering how you are going to pay off all of those Christmas gifts you charged? Are you dreading the credit card bill coming? Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Or did you pay cash, use debit, or write a check for those gifts? Or did you pay your credit card bill in full when it came? If you did, Congratulations! You have started off 2019 with a lot less stress than many.

I know that some of my readers are paying down debt and I am 100% behind them and cheering them on. They know that it isn’t easy but they are doing what it takes to become debt free. They don’t want the stress anymore.

But there are others who I am sure put Christmas gifts they couldn’t afford on their credit cards that are already charged up $ 5,000. and higher. Why not? In their minds, each gift only added a little bit to what they already owe. Instead of looking at the big picture and what they already owe, they just charged away.

Some owe so much money now that they can’t figure out how to pay normal expenses like car and homeowner’s insurances, utility bills, gasoline for the car, taxes on their home, and even food each week. So they just add them to the credit cards.

Some aren’t even trying to pay their debt off. They just are in total denial. They pay the minimums on their cards each month while the interest just keeps building up. They go out to eat many times a month and enjoy lots of entertainment each month. They continue to buy crap that they really don’t need. How do they do that you say? Easy, they just keep putting it on the credit cards!

They believe that they deserve to do all of these things even if they have to run up the credit card bills. Well, I know you won’t like this people but I am here to say that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t deserve it! Someone has to point out the truth to you!

If you can’t afford to buy Christmas gifts, eat out, go to the movies, the casino or the sports game or any other entertainment venue, don’t do it! If you have debt, get rid of the cable bill and any other bill that is not a necessity. Cut way back to get rid of those credit cards!

If you need to get a job or a second job to pay them off do it. Your future is at risk if you don’t. How long do you think that you can just keep putting expenses on your credit cards before you have no more credit to use. That will happen faster than you think. 

I have seen people in my 51 years of marriage who have eventually lost their homes or have had to sell their homes to pay off debt. It wasn’t medical debt which is a whole different ballgame. Do you really want that to be you? That is a really scary thought but it is true!

I don’t want to see any of you who read here stressed out because of debt. It’s January and a new year. Do what you have to do to get out from under that burden. It can be summed up in two words:


Get back to basics and put every spare dime on your debt. Yes, your debt. You created it and you must pay it off.

I know there will probably be a few people who will still be in denial after reading this and will be really ticked over what I have had to say but that is okay. They can just stop reading and go their merry way because this blog obviously isn’t helping them. I have written on this subject over and over again but there are some that just don’t get it! They continue to ruin their futures and there really is no helping them because they refuse to help themselves.

If I sound angry, I am not. I just don’t understand why people live a life of denial and continue to ruin their futures. I would hope that people are smarter than that.

So make this the year you finally get out from under your debt burden. Do the hard work! 

If you need to see a great example of someone who is paying down their debt go to Out My Window .
She has paid off a number of debts and continues working on others including her mortgage debt. I cheer her on all of time! She is a great role model for those of you who have debt.

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I've been trying to coach a couple of people in my life on this topic. It's started small, and only when they asked for help. I actually get so excited about the potential to help them, with tools, tips, motivation & general reality about finances. Sometimes it's not always what people want to hear, but often it's what they need to hear.

Hi Hawaii Planner,

How nice that you would do that for people. I so agree with your final statement. But sometimes I feel like I am beating my head against their wall.

Why thank you my dear but I still struggle every day with bad habits. Little by little I am developing new habits, that are changing my life for the better. I cannot even believe how much better things are. I used to be so desperate and thought nothing could help me , but a step at a time and really living a frugal life style has made all the difference and now it is kind of fun.

Did either couple you tried to help ever get back to you, I might have missed that post. I have a sister who needed a lot of help but never wants to change her ways. I know she must be in serious debt again but you can only help those who want to be helped.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am sad to see the 2 couples have not been in touch with you. šŸ™ Here is something to cheer you up: Hubby and I went in and paid off our mortgage this morning! We are debt free!!!!! I appreciate so much your encouragement to me through the years. I started reading your other blog in 2008. It was always my favorite of all the frugal blogs I followed then, because you were closer to my age, and I could relate to your life story. I lurked for quite awhile, but finally figured out how to leave a comment. I was always frugal, but never learned how to budget or save. The only advice my parents gave was to pay your credit card off every month, and pay off your house before you retire. I am now a better budgeter and saver, partly b/c of your posts about your experiences. Thank you. I am glad I found you online, and wish you many more years of health so you can continue writing and inspiring people like me. <3

Hi Chris,

Congratulations! I am so happy for the both of you! It's a great feeling, isn't it?

Thanks for your kindness Chris and your friendship!

Did you celebrate yesterday? You should!

Hi, Love your b log don't comment much but read every post. I read your older blogs and you have so much knowledge that is always helpful. We are out of debt completely. Such a relief. This year I am trying to me more detailed in where our money is going to be held more accountable. Thank you so much for your blog.Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Congratulations on being out of debt. That is a wonderful thing. Thanks for your kindness. I only do this to help other people. I am happy to hear that you are accounting for all of your money. Best of luck with that this year.

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