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First Of The Year

I did my first shopping trip of the year yesterday. It was just for a few items that we needed. I wasn’t quite up to it but it was 6% Senior Discount Day at Top’s. 

Since I needed to get a whole pork loin for $ 1.59 a lb., I went. We were down to just 2 pork chops in the freezer and this is the best price I have found on pork in a long time. Plus I got an additional 6% off on the loin and the few other items. So 7.92 lbs. of pork loin cost me $ 12.59 before the 6% discount.

I didn’t have enough energy to go to Walmart to get the milk or the saline nasal sprays. So I decided to get everything at Top’s. Bonus that I didn’t have to drive further and use more gasoline. I picked up a reusable shopping bag for $ .69 with coupon. Our Governor is making noise about banning plastic bags in New York like California did. Most of my reusable bags have been given to others so I need to stock on them again.

The milk was a little more expensive than Walmart at $ 1.79. However, I hit the jackpot on the saline nasal sprays. They were much cheaper at Top’s than either Amazon or Walmart. I guess it is worth checking prices again. I paid only $2.77 each for them. It is so dry here in the Buffalo area this winter that these are really needed. 

My total for this shop was $ 21.86. That leaves $ 278.14 for the rest of the month.

For some reason both Hubby and I became ill 3 days ago. We must have picked up a bug somewhere. I had the worst of it. So we did not celebrate New Year’s Eve. We have barely eaten in 3 days. That bottle of champagne that has been in my fridge did not get opened again this year. Hubby is feeling much better today so he asked if I was up to eating any dinner. Since I have managed to keep an apple and some toast down, I told him, “Yes I am so hungry.” So he is grilling filet mignons tonight which we will have with salad. Hopefully, it won’t be a mistake. It was not the way we wanted to end 2018 or ring in 2019 but stuff happens. We are hoping for a speedy recovery and a great 2019!

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Hoping you feel better! I had a cold from mid-December, and still have it (although so much better). My son came down with it around the 28th. He has a terrible cough. We did celebrate for NYE, but my son napped for about 3 hours yesterday.

We had filet mignon & champagne for our NYE dinner as well! Glad you get to enjoy it, although belated.

Hi Hawaii Planner,

Thanks for the good wishes. I am glad to hear that your cold is getting better. They do hang on for weeks sometime. I hope your son feels better soon.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

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