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Happy New Year and Our 2019 Goals

We wish you and your families a Happy New Year. Here is to a happy, healthy and wealthy 2019 for all of you!  

I have already touched on a number of goals for 2019. They are listed here with the link to the post about them:

– Buy as much food on clearance as possible:Clearance Shopping  

– Buy less sweets and junk food:Less Sweets and Junk Food

– Save Money for Christmas Gifts: Christmas Shopping

– Reuse All Plastic Bags: Plastic Bags 

– Make 99% Of Our Bread: Bread  

We still buy our bagels at Panera Bread on discount Tuesdays using gift cards that we purchased on discount almost 3 years ago. So that is why I say 99%.

I rarely make a lot of goals because like everyone else a lot of them don’t get kept. But I am challenging myself this year to keep them. So here is the rest of them for 2019:

– Boost our savings rate which will boost our net worth. We want this to be our biggest savings rate year ever because we have a “secret” goal that we are working towards. 

– Go to the gym on average 3 times a week.

– Lose weight by going to the gym and watching our food intake. I am aiming to get off some more of the prescription medications that I am on. I have already gotten off of 4 drugs.

– I have never been a gamer. But the last couple of years, I have gotten hooked on the Microsoft Solitaire  Collection. Every other day, I do a 30 Game Challenge as fast as I can to see how I score against hundreds of thousands of people a day. I usually score between 17th and 50th depending on the day. It has been very addictive. I no longer want to waste my time on something so unproductive. It just takes up too much of my time. So as of January 1st- no more Solitaire games. My time can be better spent on other activities.

– Get rid of 100% of the clutter, mainly in our basement and garage, in preparation for our next move. Even though it is containerized, it’s still clutter because a lot of it is not being used.

– Project Photos: These days we take digital pictures and Hubby has them well organized into albums. However we have boxes of photos from past years sitting in baskets and boxes. This is the year that I am going to organize them using these that I purchased on Amazon . I will organize them by family members, dates, trips, etc. I had planned on organizing them almost 9 years ago when we moved from AZ to NY. They still aren’t done. 2019 is the year it will get done!

– Spend no more than $300. per month on food. With the use of sales and coupons, my price book, my stockpile, my freezer, no waste, clearance foods, and doing 70% of my shopping at Aldi’s and Super Walmart, it is very doable. The other 30% will be for meat which will be bought in a variety of stores.

– I want 2019 to be a calmer year in my life. Hence, I will not be watching any news this year. 
It is way too stressful. If there is something that I really need to know, Hubby will tell me.

– Lastly, I have found over the many years that I have been blogging that my best posts are the ones that I really don’t have to think much about. They just are spontaneous. So I will be posting in 2019 when a spontaneous thought comes into my mind and I believe that the post will be helpful.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share your goals with all of us.


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I haven't figured out my 2019 goals fully…a few ideas I have are spending less than $400 per mo. avg. on food/toiletries, get my recipes organized and make copies for my 3 adult kids, downsize stockpile and punch list of house projects to get house ready to sell or age in place(not sure what we will do yet)and lose some more weight(get off some meds perhaps as well).
Happy New Year AD!

Hi Sluggy,

Those are terrific goals! My best gift for Christmas was Hubby making my cookbook with all of the recipes that we have used for years. I am loving being able to just turn the page and find a recipe! I wish you the best of luck with all your goals. Getting off the meds is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Happy New Year to you are your family, Sluggy!

Great resolutions, and much in line with mine! I'm retired, and my husband will retire at the end of April, so we're implementing many frugal ways to get ready for that reduced income. We shop once a month, which works very well for us, are very frugal about utility usage, and eat simple meals, cooked at home, with an occasional take out or date night. We tried $200 per month on groceries/pet food/toiletries, but that just isn't enough, so we've decided to cap that at $300/month, like you. Looking forward to enjoying your blog on into 2019!

Welcome Susan!

Congrats on your retirement and Hubby's pending retirement. I hear you on the $200. a month. We did it and it was very restrictive. I think $300. a month will work well.

It must be the year for photos/digital clean up! And, I also have a similar goal about getting off the computer by 7:30 each day, which helps cut back on work time & also sets a better example for the kids about the role of electronics in our lives. I hear you about the games getting addictive.

I always enjoy reading your blog. I too need to organize photos – been on my list for years, I now have most of my Mom's, who is 92 and I need to ask her about some of them, I also want to distribute many photos to nieces and nephews in small albums. Most of your goals are in line with mine and I look forward to your spontaneous posts.

Hi Meg,

Thanks for your kindness. I wish I had asked my MOm about some pictures before she died. Don't wait to long;do it now. I love the idea about distributing to other family members. Enjoy your organizing.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I haven't thought of a lot of goals yet. We will be completing 1 goal later this month of paying our mortgage off. After that is done, I will need to figure out how to do our finances going forward. I would like to put some things on automatic sinking funds, for one thing, and not sure what else. I plan to continue my healthy eating and exercise classes that were started in previous years. Not sure of other goals.

Hi Chris,

I am so happy that you and Hubby are paying off your mortgage. Congratulations! You have worked very hard to do that. I love your goals and will cheer you on.

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