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Frugal Things That We Have Been Doing

These are the frugal things that we have been doing:

– I mended a cable knit sweater that had developed a hole. It is over 25 years old and I love it. I purchased it two sizes too big back then so I could wear it over a top or blouse and have it be roomy and long. It has served me well. You can’t even see where I repaired it.

– Hubby took the car to the tire store to get the snow tires put on for the winter. I gave him a 50% off coupon so he only had to pay $32. 36 including tax.

– Hubby asked me to buy athletic socks for him because he was running out. I always buy them all the same sock in bulk so that when he develops a hole in one and throws it away, they still all match. I purchased him 10 pair for $18.99. 

– I received $13.91 in rebate and other checks. I will deposit them in savings the next time I go to the bank. 

– Our favorite BBQ place started frying up huge fish fries again last Friday. They do this from now until Good Friday. So we treated ourselves for dinner. We hate their sides so we just order the fish which saves us $3.00 off our order. While I am picking up the fish, Hubby does French fries to go with it in our air fryer. The fish fries were so big this time that Hubby and I could have easily split one. So next time we will only buy one.  

– Hubby made homemade Ciabatta bread and tomato soup. I made a huge beef stew. Those meals we have been eating most of the week.

– When I picked up bread flour for Hubby this week, I also picked up 3 packs of TicTacs for free after coupons. They will be a gift.

– I am keeping my eyes open for a great sale on casual shoes for me. The ones I purchased from Naturalizer were way too big so I returned them. They were my size but I think it was the design. This cost me money so I am looking for a local sale on them. 

– Hubby will be making egg, onion, ham and peppers with cheese, salsa or taco sauce in wraps for our Sunday breakfast this weekend. My grandson will not eat them. So I will make him scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast made with our Ciabatta bread. Hubby’s wraps are so good that I wanted him to make them for our son to try. 

– I made another bottle of homemade cleaner to clean our eye glasses. 

– I learned quite a while ago how to make my morning oatmeal with my Keurig which saves me time and money. So I have made up small snack size Ziplocs of oatmeal and dried fruit that I got free after coupons. I just pour it into a cup, have the Keurig run hot water into it and let it set for a minute or so.

– I had not been able to find tomato sauce at a decent price since my BJ’s quit carrying it in the #10 cans. So I had been using Hunt’s spaghetti sauce for my base which was expensive. My neighbor who knew I was looking for it went to Sam’s Club last week and picked me up 10- #10 cans for $2.98 each. I was delighted and promptly paid her. I use it as the base to make homemade spaghetti sauce. I made her some homemade banana bread for her family to thank her.  

-Hubby was very happy to get his riding lawn mower back from the shop that repaired it. It was gone more than a week and the lawn was getting very long. I am happy that including pickup and drop off the repair the bill only came to $ 97. 

– Hubby made absolutely delicious garlic bread for dinner last night. He used some of the homemade Ciabatta bread. 

– I picked up 4 more James Patterson books at our library. They will be enjoyable evening reading instead of watching You Tube. I am just finishing reading a book that I downloaded for free to my Kindle. So these books will be my next reading.

– While I was driving, the warning lights came on in our car. I researched them in our car manual. It was the tire pressure. I filled the tires up to 33 psi which is where they needed to be. The warning lights went off. 

– The last thing that needs to be done for winter here is to clean the garage. That will be done with Hubby’s help in the next few days. 

Please feel free to leave a comment and share with us what you have been doing frugally.

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How did you heat the water for cereal before you used the Keurig? I would think the microwave would be less expensive to run. You did many things to keep costs down. Good for you.

Hi Linda,

I did use the microwave. However I have a meter that measures what each appliance uses and I compared my microwave to my Keurig and my Keurig takes less power. Hence I am using the Keurig. Thanks for your kind comments.

Hi Joyce,

I have a Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Use Monitor, F7C005Q. I purchased it on Amazon in 2015 and they say it is no longer available on their site.But perhaps you could find one like it at Walmart or Home Depot.

I did meal prepping this weekend to save money (3 dozen muffins + 2 dozen burritos). All will go into the freezer for quick meals to have on hand. I also returned our library books on time (sometimes a challenge to find, when the kids read all over the house), & we cleaned the house together this weekend.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. Last week was the week we kept our little granddaughter while her parents were on a trip to Italy. We had a good week with her, but were glad her other grandparents relieved us on Fri evening for the weekend. We also cared for their cat and dog. Hubby went to the store for me and spent $40 on some produce items, and 5 lb of the chicken sausage at the Fresh Thyme grocery store that was on sale. We really like this product, and I repackaged and froze everything for later. We cooked all week, except the one day we met our son for lunch at the Indian buffet. I was grateful hubby was able to take the week off while we had her. Now this week, it is back to our usual routine.

Hi Chris,

I am glad that you had a great week. Those grandchildren have a way of wearing out grandparents although we love to have them stay. Nice shopping. We just love the apple chicken sausage at Aldi's. Gte some rest and enjoy your usual routine.

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