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September’s Grocery Challenge Results

Now that September is over, so is the Grocery Challenge. I will let you know how I did for the month and you can add your results in the comments.

I had a total of $106. to spend for the month; $25.00 per week and about $6. for the last 2 days. Most of what I purchased I put in my posts with a few exceptions of things we needed that didn’t make it into a post.

I spent including tax a total of $ 37.48 for the entire month. So I guess I did pretty well. We mainly ate from our stockpile which served us well. The extra $ 68.52 will be used for the October budget. That will be all the less money I have to take out in cash for the month.

So please feel free to add in comments your results for the month of September.

It is another really busy week here. We started working out at the YMCA yesterday. It felt so good and I enjoyed it immensely. Hubby is too. I didn’t know how he would make out because of his bad back but they have a lot of machines that work well  with back issues. We are also enjoying fitness classes. So that is eating up some time every day.

Today, I had another dental appointment. They are making me an entire new permanent denture. The first one was awful and didn’t fit. The dentist has made me a custom tray for the mold. They are making the metal base of the denture this week and I go back to make sure that fits. Then it goes back for them to make a wax mold and I go back to see if that fits. Then finally the permanent denture. I have been at this since May 1st. I told the dentist that I feel like part of the family now since I see them so much. Actually I can’t wait for it all to be over with.

After our appointments, I dropped Hubby at home and went on to Top’s. It is 6% Senior Discount day. I only picked up things that we have run out of that we use all of the time. My total bill was $32.12.

I am doing laundry now and soon it will be time to make dinner. I hope you all have a great evening.

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Hi Liz, this is Chris. I did the Grocery Challenge. I kept to my $40 budget the first and last weeks, and went over on the 2 weeks I bought the Dove soap and the ribs for a total of $23 for the month. One thing I learned is that in my area, it is hard to buy fresh things like milk, bread, eggs and produce for $40 per week, you don't have much left for anything else. I did try to mostly buy less expensive produce and also we ate what was on sale. I was able to make some room in my freezer, but could still make more room before November, so I have decided to continue the Challenge for October, but I will allow myself $60 per week. This will give me a little more wiggle room for any household and h/ba items I need, or if I don't, then maybe I will use it to meet hubby for lunch one day now that his office is closer to home. The Challenge was a good exercise: because I watched what I spent on everything in September, I was able to send an extra $500 to our savings at the beginning of October. So it was definitely worth it.

Prices on dairy are SO different from region to region. I live on the border of 2 other states and Aldi stores in one charge 99 cents for a gallon of milk while the other charges $2.50 a gallon.
If you have an Aldi near you, you might check them out. Produce is priced great, but you need to use it up quick. I think they get deals on produce by buying stuff that is "on the way out".

Hi Ellie,

You are right about the Aldi's prices. Being in NY, we are a lot more expensive than other states. I do shop Aldi a bit. I think you are right on the produce.

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