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A Little Of This and Little Of That

My family came for a breakfast of homemade banana bread, scrambled eggs, and sausage yesterday. They stayed to watch our Buffalo Bills game so I made BLT’s for everyone. It was the first time that I felt up to cooking. The Bills won so it was a good day all the way around.

Nori came to visit too. Poor dog got spade last weekend so she has to wear this collar to prevent her from scratching at her stitches. She is not happy about it. West and she were good enough to pose for a picture to share with you. 

After breakfast I went to the store to do the weekly shopping. I was only interested in some meat that was on sale for $ 2.99 a lb. Since I have limited freezer space I only bought two sirloin tip roasts. One will be used today for beef stew. The other will be ground like I showed you here: Saving on Meat . I was happy when I got those steaks for $3.99 a lb. but I am thrilled to get these roasts at $2.99.  The one roast I will cut up and throw in the crock pot with red potatoes, onions, carrots, celery and some beef stock, which I will thicken an hour before the stew is done. That should feed us a number of meals this week. I may or may not pick up another one for the freezer on my way home from the dentist this week.

Besides not feeling well this past week and dealing with my dental issues, our cellphone bit the dust for sure this time. UGH! My son did some research for us and found a Samsung J7 cellphone that we could buy from Sprint for $312.48 including tax. Then we would just have Sprint transfer my number and activate it. I hated paying this for a phone but all the others were hundreds more. So when I got home from the market, my son and Hubby went to the Sprint store to do this. However there were two people in line ahead of them. They waited and waited for their turn. Guess what?  The two people bought the last two of this phone that the store had. They came home very disappointed. I was not looking forward to being without a phone again. 

So while they watched the game, I called another Sprint store in another town to see if they had one. Sure enough, so I made the hour trip to get it. My son activated it by calling Sprint when I got home with it. It’s his account so they wouldn’t do it for me. It’s activated, updated and all of our apps and our calendar is now on it. And I will sigh relief when I go out in the car again with it. My worst nightmare was getting stuck somewhere with a broken down car and no phone to call anyone. 

It has turned cold here finally. But we are doing okay for now without the heat on. I hate to turn it on so early. So Hubby has been bundling up in layers. He gets cold easily. A sweater does it for me.
I put an extra blanket on our bed and that has made the nights comfortable.
We just got our electric and gas bill and it was $ 108. since we had A/C on for so long. Most bills this summer were $20.-30. more than that. So I would like a low bill for at least a month before the heat goes on for the next 7-8 months. 

Today, I am planning on catching up things around here. I will clean the laundry room and possibly make a small container of homemade laundry detergent that I use on hand washables. The ecoegg does not work well on those. If so I will post my recipe. 

I also have some e-mails from the two couples to catch up and write back to them. I am hoping to do an update on how they are doing tomorrow. 

Are you getting any good grocery deals this week?

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Hi Liz, this is Chris. I wanted to report that I went over my $40 last week also by $13. It was because my daughter's birthday is today and she asked for ribs for the birthday dinner we are going to have this coming Sat. Meijer had the slabs of ribs for 1.49/lb on a 2 day sale last Fri and Sat. so I bought 2 big slabs. Otherwise, I kept to my $40 and just bought what we needed. I have everything else for the dinner, except for fruit, which I will either buy a watermelon if they are decent, or a jar of applesauce, b/c we are out and we like that with pork also.

I finally got a tissue deal, so will be going out to do that this morning and will report back when I do. I am also going to pop into Walgreens b/c they have the fold over sandwich bags of 150 for .99 this week and we only have 1 box left. This is the cheapest I have been able to find the sandwich bags. I don't get the ziploc sandwich bags for every day b/c they are more expensive.

Hi Chris,

Only $40. and you had a party! I would say that was pretty darn good planning.

So glad that you got a tissue deal. Nice price on the sandwich bags!

About a year ago, I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 for $49 at Walmart. Yes, it was an new old model, but it does the job. It seems WM always has the older model on sale very cheap.

This is Chris again. I got 3 four packs of Kleenex with lotion tissue (the long boxes) and 1 pack of Cottonelle, 6 mega rolls, for 11.78 with tax for the deal at Meijer this week. They have a buy $20 get $5 off instantly, and there is also a $5 mperk manufacturer coupon that stacks. And I did stop at Walgreens but my store doesn't carry the fold over sandwich bags anymore, so I will look when I go to Dollar Tree tomorrow to see what they have.

Aww poor puppy. We will be taking our pup in for surgery when we get back. Glad the bills won. The team not the actual bills. My bills usually always win.

How about those Bills, and especially Josh Allen. Sure would love to see them have a great year like the glory days of Kelly and all those guys. Your 2 hour south neighbor

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