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What I Have Been Doing The Past Few Days

Well for one thing, I have been missing in action. I cannot believe that it is Thursday and I haven’t posted most of the week.

First, I haven’t felt well all week and made a Doctor’s appointment that I couldn’t get until the first week in October. UGH!

Second, I spent a good part of the day at the dentist  who fit me in between patients yesterday. My permanent denture which I got last Thursday is just awful. It doesn’t fit well. Every time I try to eat something, I bite my cheek. The entire gum on the left side is sore and blistered from rubbing. I resorted to drinking smoothies for all meals over the weekend. The dentist has sent it back to the lab which in this area means dropping it off to them. He told me his office would call me when it was ready for me. I got a call this morning saying the dentist needs to see me next week for an hour. The receptionist said she had no idea why because the dentist didn’t say. Either it will be ready or he is taking new molds and we are starting from scratch. We’ll see.

Tuesday, I spent running errands to the market( purchased strawberries and cantaloupes), to Fast Cash with the bottle deposits, to UPS to ship a package, and to the drugstore to pick up a prescription. I also caught up laundry which had been piling up around here.

We also spent some time getting rid of a nest that bumble bees had built in the ground near our front door. Those things are awful.

The landscape crew was here yesterday so that entailed telling them what we wanted done and keeping en eye on them. 

One day I spent a lot of time on the phone between QVC and my bank trying to straighten out an error with an easy pay charge. It is all straightened out now but I am very aggravated with the bank who screwed up with a key error. I get so tired of fixing other people’s mistakes. You just can’t rely on good service anymore. If I get good service from someone, I let the company know because it is non-existent today. 

Other than those things I have spent every other minute laying in bed either sleeping or reading the above book by Andrew Mellen. It’s very interesting. Most of his ideas are very similar to how I organize but I am picking up some new tips.

Poor Hubby is on his own for meals. So we have resorted to buying a rotisserie chicken that he has been making sandwiches from. I am hoping tonight to feed him a hot meal such as spaghetti since it is quick and easy to make. We will see how I feel before dinner. I have been eating cottage cheese and tomatoes. It is the only thing that tastes good to me. 

Do these sound like excuses? Yes, but I just can’t function when my brain is telling me how bad I feel and won’t let me write a great article that will benefit you.

So hopefully in the next few days, I will be back with one. I am off to lay down.

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This was a good post. For weeks I wrote garbage because I was ill. I hope you can get the dental work done right this time. That would be frustrating. Take something to eat to the dentist office so you can test them.

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