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I have run out of my favorite K cups. We have a bag of decaf coffee that was leftover from my Disney World Trip. Yesterday, I perfected making a cup of coffee with my reusable K cup. 

Since we haven’t bought regular coffee in years, I have no idea what a good price is. When we bought the coffee on our trip, I really didn’t pay much attention to the price.

Since the K cups are so expensive, I will be using the disposable cup from now on for my coffee. Hubby still has about 100 decaf K cups. But I regularly drink caffeinated. So I will be on the hunt soon for mine.

So could you smart people who know what a good price for coffee is these days, please leave a comment and give me an idea what price I should be looking for? Thanks in advance.

My project this week is to find a place to sell most of my frugality books that I have collected well over 100 books over the years. Frugality is so ingrained in me now that they are just collecting dust in a bookshelf in our basement. Slowly but surely I would like to sell them.

Any of you have a favorite place to sell them? Do you use Ebay or Amazon? I am not even sure they will sell right now. But if we have a downturn in the economy(which I am not hoping for), they will sell quickly. I loved selling my books to different used book stores when we lived in Arizona. But alas, we don’t have any good ones here.

So wanting to clear these books out and use all of that space for stockpile, do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments. 

My son and grandson are on their way here for breakfast. They are again bringing Tim Horton’s donuts. I can’t eat the breakfast I would make them and I am sick of eggs. So we figure, if I cut the donuts into small pieces for me, I should be able to enjoy them.

He sent me a picture of some boxes in his van. They are a surprise he has for me. I can’t wait to see the contents. If the contents hold something good I will share it tomorrow. 

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Sounds like a nice Sunday with your family. I haven't found a good method of selling books (and, we don't have nearly as many as you), so I've donated ours to the local library. We do sometimes have kid books (gifts, etc) that are in a series, and I sell those on our local Facebook family swap site. Although you don't get the same amount of money back as Amazon, you don't have to do deal with shipping, etc. We have a porch pickup only site that works really well.

With coffee, we have an espresso machine & buy whole beans at Costco. I don't believe you have a club membership anymore, but when we need to buy ground coffee & don't stumble across a great grocery store deal, Costco also has the best regular price on ground.

Thanks Hawaii Planner. Unfortunately we do not have a Costco here. Thanks for offering all this information. It is appreciated.

Hello American Dreamer. I am glad I found your blog again! I so enjoy reading it and appreciate all your efforts. 🙂
I don't belong to a warehouse club either, but ask family members who do have one to take me shopping there. This is only while I am on an extended family visit. Perhaps you can do the same to take advantage of the Costco prices.

Can you list books here?

Just suck on tiny pieces of donuts. Then, swallow. Or put the tiny pieces in coffee or milk and dip them out and swallow the mushy pieces.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. I wanted to let you know that I was at Aldi today and they had the bagged coffee here (like the fancier kinds) for 3.79/bag. So that might be a place to try. I would also check if you are still a member of BJ's and see what they have. I got some Maxwell House in a big container from Costco last night for 6.79. I think it was bigger than the container you can get at the grocery store. They also had Folgers in a bigger container than the Maxwell house, but it was more $$.

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