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May 2nd: Stockpile to Table, etc.

Yesterday for breakfast we had 2 eggs over easy and an avocado. The avocado was a little overripe but delicious. And you all know that I do not waste food. 

Lunch was a big bowl of popcorn that we shared.

Dinner was fish fillets with our choice of tartar sauce or cocktail sauce and the best chipotle corn ever. It had corn, black beans, jalapenos and red peppers.  Hubby’s plate is pictured.  

All of a sudden, Hubby is really enjoying cooking in the air fryer. It sat for the longest time and he didn’t use it. Now he has me pulling things out of the freezer that have been in there forever so that he can use it. I have to admit that the food that is breaded comes out very crispy.  

We had snow over the weekend and it was 80 here yesterday. Hubby and were finally able to sit outside for a while. It was beautiful.

Besides that, Hubby had DVRed some shows that we both watch and which I hadn’t seen. So we binge watched NCIS and Bull yesterday.

The woman that we deal with at the landscape company came yesterday and we discussed getting 10 more bushes. We picked out some that are really colorful when they flower and many of them  will flower almost all summer and fall.

I cleaned for a little while yesterday and then just took the rest of the day off. I was very happy that our heat did not run all day or last night. It is raining here today so I don’t want to turn the heat off yet. If we get more than one or two days of warm temps, then it will be time to turn off the heat – hopefully until fall.

I have not been to the market all week and don’t intend on going until at least Monday and maybe not even then. We’ll see.  

I hope you all have a wonderfully productive day. I know I am and it is only 11:06AM here so lots of day left.  

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