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My Gasoline Challenge

Being retired we don’t spend money on gasoline to go to work every day. However we do a fair amount of driving on trips, running errands, going out to restaurants, going to doctor and dentist appointments, etc.  Because of this, I like to save money on the price of gasoline especially now that gas is so expensive.

This morning while I was pumping gasoline the price was $2.759. While I was doing this, the attendant came out and changed the price to $ 2.779, a $ .02 increase. Of course I was concerned that I was paying the higher price but the attendant said no that I was paying the $ 2.759. Unbeknowst to him, that was not what I was going to pay.

I had been earning gasoline points when I bought groceries over a period of time. I only bought things  within the gas deals that were free with coupons and that could go into my long term food storage. Things like Tic Tac gum, canned pineapple, canned diced tomatoes, Body Armour drinks, etc. I can’t remember all of the things from prior weeks. But they were things that we buy and use. We also earn points for 10 coupons being used in a transaction.

So this morning, I needed to fill the car up. I was down to very little gas and I have an appointment tomorrow and three next week.

So off I went with my key card with my gasoline points attached and filled up my car. This should give us 4-6 weeks of gasoline. By then gas point earning should start again and I plan on doing this again. It would be nice to never pay for gasoline again. But I know that might not happen. We will see.

The picture at the top is my fuel receipt minus my member # and the address of the gas station which I blocked out. Click on the picture to make it bigger. Sorry it is so messy. I didn’t realize that Hubby made a mess making his breakfast while I was out. I am cleaning that up now. As you can see I paid $ .00!

This picture is of the gasoline pump when I was done pumping. I couldn’t understand why they were charging me $.02. since I had more than enough gasoline points to cover this purchase. I went to the attendant and he told me, you owe nothing and here is your receipt. Evidently their gas pumps aren’t capable of showing the $ .00 price; hence it shows .01, .02 or .03 depending on how much you pump. 

I was so excited that I was able to do this. I will definitely be working to do this again when they offer these gas deals if they are for products we can use for our storage. 

Do any of you have gasoline deals? Please feel free to leave a comment and share with all of us.

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Great job. I try to do deals whenever I can plus use my rewards credit card pay off right away. although never got if free our gas is 2.99 a gal right now. Saving where we can. Joyce

Hi Liz, this is Chris. Wow, great job on the gas! Our Kroger has a gas point rewards program, but you can only use up to $1 off per gallon. Usually we let our kids use our gas points, since hubby's gas is mostly paid for by his company and I only fill up monthly like you do.

Hi Chris,

Thanks. Only $ 1.00 a gallon? I would hate that but it is better than nothing. That is very nice letting your kids use your gas points.

I am so impressed. We have nothing like this. Well, Publix may have some deal. But, it is not something I can afford to participate in. I decided to never spend more than $20/week on gas. If the price is high, I cut back on driving. I do try to make one trip several or many chores.

Fantastic job!! I love the gas points we earn at our grocery store. 😀 Just filled up a tank using my points too and paid $0.55 a gallon! I’m already back up to $0.70 off but I’ll keep accumulating until I can get the tank for under $1 a gallon. 😊

Hi Christina,
Thanks! I saw your post that you spent $ .55 per gallon. Good job and luck in accumulating more. I could not do any of this without your couponing site along with others.Thank God there are people like you who do the match ups. It is very much appreciated!

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