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A Little of This and a Little of That

My son was visiting for 3 days. He had business in this area and stayed with us. We did go out to dinner one night but ate in the rest of the time. I enjoyed getting up in the morning to make him a nice hearty breakfast. We had lots of fun, laughter, and just generally a good time catching up on things.

Yesterday, my other son and grandson came for our usual Sunday breakfast. He brought a dozen donuts from Tim Horton’s which we all enjoyed immensely. I couldn’t even remember the last time I enjoyed a donut. We also got subs for lunch. This Mama was too tired to cook.

So today it is back to the usual money saving here. It is 8AM as I write this today. I already have a loaf of homemade banana bread in the oven. I had three very ripe bananas that needed to be used up.

I have made my grocery list for the week and plan on shopping later today. There are not a lot of things or deals that I need this week.  

Just a moment ago I cancelled Netflix. We weren’t watching it enough to pay the $ 10.99 per month. Some months we wouldn’t watch it at all. Plus I do not like some of their programming. So that is $131.88 annually that we will keep in our investments. We have Amazon Prime so there is plenty of movies, etc. to watch. Have you checked your viewing on Netflix to see if you are really getting your money’s worth?

I went and did my grocery shopping at Top’s and this is what I purchased this week: 

1/2 gal. milk – $ 2.39- Top’s Super Q which took off $.79= $1.60.  I bought the wrong milk. It would have been $ .88 if I had gotten Top’s milk. The cashier forced the coupon. It won’t be the first or last time mistake I make. It is not worth my gas to go back.

4 Arm and Hammer Baking Soda – $.99 ea. – $.50/2 MQ = $1.96 for all 4 or $ .49 each (Tip: Baking soda never expires.)

1- 128 oz. Tops Vinegar – $ 2.99 (clean with this and use it instead of Jet Dry in my dishwasher)

1 – 64 ct.  Pampers Wipes – $ 1.99 – $.50/1 MQ = $.99 (cheap cleaning wipes)

4- Bella Sun Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes – $ 1.49 each-
$1./1 MQ’s = $ .49 ea. or $ 1.96 for all. (We put these in our salads.)

1 – McCain Craft Beer Battered French Fries – $ 1.88 and I will get back $ 1.00 from Checkout 51.

2- Body Armour Drinks – $1.00 – $ .50/1 MQ’s = Both Free

1 – 59oz. Tropicana OJ – $ 1.49 with T Rex Monopoly ticket. (We don’t drink OJ so I will be making many, many loaves of cranberry orange bread this week.)

My total OOP was $ 12.95 including tax. I am getting $1.00 rebate from Checkout 51. My budget is $75.00 for the week so that leaves me $ 62.05 for the rest of the week.

We only have a little produce left in our fridge: grapes, apples, tangerines, some lettuce, carrots and peppers. So I will be going to the produce market soon to stock up. 

Besides all of this, I am washing 3 loads of clothes, sheets and towels etc. I am using the dryer since there are so many! 

BTW, I promised to tell you about the chicken that I purchased at Zaycon Fresh . I made stir fry with it the other night and the chicken is melt in your mouth like butter. It is so tender. I will be purchasing my boneless chicken breasts from them from now on. I am very happy! Yes, this is my referral link. I do not monetize my blog so anyone who is signing up new I would appreciate if you would consider using this referral link. No pressure meant! 

Feel free to leave a comment if you have saved any money this week.

I will be back soon to finish the 100 Frugal Things List.

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I went there to sign up and the site said I was referred my a name with initials mm. Is that you? the site said to change name if it was not the person who referred me. I do want you to get credit. You can email me if your initials are not mm, so I will know what name to change that name to in order to give you credit.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. I have jury duty this week. I am saving money by taking my lunch every day instead of buying it. I made some extra food over the weekend so we can have easy dinners most nights. On Thursdays I usually keep our grand daughter. Hubby is taking off this week on Thurs to watch her for me. I usually make supper that night for my daughter's family also, so she doesn't have to cook one night. This Thurs. since I have jury duty, we have already decided to have pizza delivered, and I will have a salad to go along with it. I can't tell you the last time we have ordered pizza delivery.

The other exciting thing is that we did our taxes and will have some more money to put towards the principal of our mortgage from the refunds we will be getting. I re-did our W-4 for after the tax cuts, and it looks like we will not see any benefit, less than $100, but I am glad our taxes will not go up. Hubby's work is under with holding on him since Feb. so I am glad I caught it now, rather than next year when the IRS is estimating we would be under with held by $3000. < insert shocked face > Thank goodness I checked. I would encourage all of your readers to go to the IRS web site and perform the "paycheck check up" that is on the front page.

Hi Chris,

Good job taking your lunch. That is what I did when I was on jury duty. Tell your Hubby that he is a good Grandpa to help out.

Congrats on your tax refund. You will have your mortgage paid off before you know it.

Under with holding is the worst thing that could happen. Not fun to have to pay a 10% penalty. I am glad you caught it now.

We did cancel Netflix a while back, just because we didn’t use it.
You are right about Coupon mistakes. I make them too though I try to do it all right. It’s tricky but worth it to me.

I have been shopping with a list which definitely helps with controlling costs. Also, I have been using up what I have in the freezer, with recipes I googled. So far, that has worked out well!

Are you pleased with CheckOut 51? Have you had a payout yet?

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