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It’s been a busy week and it seems to be getting busier. Yesterday, I went and picked up my Zaycon Fresh chicken order. I was so impressed at how organized they were.

I went down about 1/2 hour early because my pickup was at 5:00PM which is the middle of rush hour here and it was a 40 mile+ round trip. Before I left I set up the food saver and bags, cutting board, and all the bowls that we would need.

When I got there, I found that they were all set up early. I pulled up to the tractor trailer truck and gave a man my name. They put the 40 lbs. of chicken in my trunk and I was on my way home. I had put a large blanket on the carpet in my trunk in case anything leaked but it wasn’t necessary. The chicken was packed in a heavy duty cardboard box and inside was a huge heavy plastic bag. Inside that were 4 bags each with 10 lbs. of chicken. I kept this box because it has a nice cover, was very clean inside, and will work perfectly for storage in our basement. 

On the way home, I stopped and picked up Subway subs so that we could eat sometime before or after we got all of the chicken prepared. Being it was dinnertime, we were hungry.

Hubby put all of the chicken on a tray in the refrigerator and then we ate. Then I started draining a bag of chicken. It was my job to trim the chicken and then Hubby food savered it all. It only took us about an hour and a half to get it all done and in the freezer. Lastly, I sanitized the kitchen and all of the utensils we used. 

As you can see in the picture at the beginning of this post, it fit beautifully in the freezer with lots of room leftover. This morning I will get it into a larger bag so that I can easily find it when I need it. We need to use up the 14 lbs. that we already had first though.

I have to thank my DIL for helping me out by telling me how my son did up all of their chicken last week. Her tips really helped us. She also said they ate some last week and it was good.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how big the chicken breasts are. They are huge. Hubby decided to only put one in a bag after doing a few with two. They are more than big enough for a meal for two of us. I had very little trimming to do. No more than when I buy it at the market. I think this chicken should last us at least 6 months, if not more. 

The chicken cost me $ .79 a lb. with the use of a coupon code. I don’t think I have paid that price in at least 40 years. Our on sale price here is $2.00 a lb. The total was $ 31.60 and was taken out of my grocery budget of $ 75.00 a week. You can see from prior posts that I don’t use all of my grocery budget each week so that I can save for big orders like this. I have 20 lbs. wild Argentine red shrimp coming in July. 

With the chicken and shrimp orders and hopefully getting a great price on ground beef and steaks, we should be set for the entire spring, summer and fall. Of course, I always have to pick up bacon and sausage because of our Sunday family breakfasts.

Once we have eaten some of the chicken, I will let you know how we like it. If it is good, we will continue to purchase our chicken this way if the price is right.

The other day I cooked the last turkey in our freezer that we purchased at a rock bottom price last Thanksgiving. I don’t like heating up my house once it starts getting warm outside which should be soon. That is when the grilling begins. We have been enjoying all of the leftovers and I will make turkey soup today. I usually put rice in it but Hubby has requested noodles this time. 

Today will also be grocery shopping day. I will post my trip tomorrow. I don’t need that much.

Have any of you purchased chicken from Zaycon Fresh? Have you purchased any other meat or seafood item from them? I would love to hear of your experiences.

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I have not done so, but I fully intend to soon. The lack of a large freezer stops me. The refrigerator freezer would have to be completely empty for me to do this. Even if I only get one of the tiniest freezers, I would be happy. Since I cannot lift, I do have to have an upright…problems all around.

Since there is only two of us, I find my 7.2 cubic ft. freezer works fine. I am guessing but I think that is what it is. My DIL only has the freezer on her fridge. She ordered the chicken. I will ask her how much room it took up.

I went to Lowe's to look at tiny freezers, the ones that cost about $150. Then, I looked at chicken breasts when I went to WM. I think the tiny freezers would hold it well. Plus, if my refrigerator freezer would hold it if it were empty. That is not really a practical thing, to empty it. But, I saw that 40 lbs worth of chicken is not really that much volume-wise.

I have been thinking…lol. They make the upright tiny freezers, too. Waiting to hear what your daughter says.

I picked up my chicken order last Thursday, ran home threw the whole box in the fridge, then after work I food savered them also into 1 per bag because they are HUGE. We also grilled one to share (it was plenty with a veggie) and it was delicious. I put them all back into the box and into the upright freezer, the next morning I realized that the bottom ones probably weren't frozen so I unpacked the whole box put the frozen ones back in the box, spread the remaining ones all over the shelves until that night then put them all back in the box. Handy box it is for sure. I paid .99/lb and very happy that I did.

Happy to hear that you like your chicken. I was afraid of that happening so I spread them out to freeze and then stacked them. 40 lbs is a lot to freeze at once. Our chicken price when I ordered was $ 1.69 so the coupon code brought ours down to $ .79. Either price is phenomenal.

I have been debating about purchases chicken from Zycon and will have to look into it. I think I would split an order with at least one of my DIL's or possibly buy 2 boxes and split it between our 3 families. 🙂

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