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Tuesday’s Shopping

I did my grocery shopping for this week yesterday. Here is what I purchased with my regular grocery shopping money:

– 6 Heinz Ketchup – $3.00 ea. = $18.00 minus B1G1F Q’s = $ 9.00 for all. I know I could get it cheaper at CVS last week. I did get 2 there but it was not worth my time or gasoline to go back for more. It is many miles to drive to it. This ketchup stockpile will last over a year.

– 1 Hellman’s Mayo- $ 2.49 with Tops Q minus $.50/1 MQ that doubled = $ 1.49

– 1 gallon of Milk – $ 1.59 with Top’s Q

– 4 Dixie paper plates (48 ct.) -$ 2.50 ea. = $10.00 minus $ .75/1 MQ doubled = $1.00 ea. or total of $4.00. I use these when we have company only for lunches and snacks.

– 3 Softsoap Body Wash – $ 2.99 ea. minus $.75/1 MQ = $ 1.49 ea.

– 1 Softsoap Hand Soap – $1.99 minus $ $.75/1 doubled = $ .49

– 1 dozen eggs – $ .79

– 5 lbs. of Smithfield bacon – on B2G3F sale = $ 17.98 for all 5 minus (2) $1.00/1 MQ’s = $15.98 for all or $ 3.20 each

Total was $38.53 including tax.

Since Easter is this Sunday and we are having family for dinner, I needed to buy a bottle of wine, a 6 pack of beer, and a Bunny Carvel Ice Cream cake. Holiday feasts do not come out of my regular grocery budget. We have a holiday budget for those special days. As you all have seen, I do not spend any extra for family meals or company most days during the year. But holidays are special and I like to splurge. 

My grandson asked me last weekend if we were having an Easter egg hunt. I told him of course we would. He is very excited! So I spent some money at the market and Rite Aid also for candy. I already had Easter eggs that I can fill from prior years and something that I can use for a basket for him to collect his eggs. Now if the weather would just cooperate. The money that was spent on these items also came out of our Holiday budget as did the Cheryl’s cookies that I sent to my granddaughter for Easter. 

We have a lot of company coming over the next 4 weeks. So if I don’t post on a certain day, it’s because we are very busy. I will do my best to post when I have something that I feel will help you.    

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What a great price on your eggs. Here in aldis our eggs are $2.15 a dozen Don't know why but trying to wait on prices to go down before need to buy. Joyce

Ours have been high too everywhere. But I found these when I was walking by them after picking up the milk. They are just fine for coloring eggs.

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