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Do You Have a Stockpile?

UPDATE:  I fixed the link that was incorrect.

If you don’t, you should think about building one.
I am reading more and more articles like this one that I saw today: Russian Hack.

I am not one to get really worried about much after my 70+ years. However that said, this hacking thing especially of the power grid is happening too frequently for me. I was thinking about getting my stockpile down to 3 months worth of food. But this coming out today has changed my mind. We all need to stockpile in case the grid does go down.

A couple of years ago when the ” Doomsday Preppers” show was talking about this, the media was acting like they were nuts. It doesn’t look so nutty to me now.

I also have noticed lately that a lot of celebrities and Silicon Valley bigwigs have been purchasing “second  mansion homes” in New Zealand. An awful lot of people who work for the big companies like Google have jumped ship and bought property on either an island or in the middle of nowhere. You have to wonder why. Do they know something that we don’t?

The fact that this latest one and many others haven’t compromised the grid doesn’t mean that the hackers don’t have the means to do it. It would be foolish to believe that Russia is the only country that has the means to do this in this cyber world that we live in. I believe that China, Iran and N. Korea could all do it.

Our power grid is very old and very fragile. It wouldn’t take much to take it down if someone wanted to do it.

So I will be slowly building my stockpile over the next few months keeping my $ 75. a week grocery budget.

Obviously, if the power grid goes down freezer food would spoil unless you have a generator and the fuel to keep it running for a very long time.

So I will concentrate my efforts on shelf stable food and water. We have a lot of water stored at the moment but not as much as we would need if the entire grid went down. They say you should have at least 1 gallon per person per day for cooking, drinking and hygiene. I will talk more about this as I stockpile.  

So do you have a stockpile or are you thinking about it? 

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I waiver back and forth about how much stockpile to have. I’d also like to concentrate on shelf stable things more too, even though i got 40 pounds of Zaycon chicken today and will get 40 pounds of ground beef in 2 weeks.

I've always had a stockpile, I usually buy for it when things are half price. But I'm now trying to reduce it a bit so I'm not replacing stuff as often now.

I have a stockpile of box mixes, canned foods, freeze dried foods and water. I also have 2 freezers full of food. Some cauliflower pizza crusts, a few processed foods my husband eats, frozen meat, fruit and veggies. We have generators, but in a long term power outage, I will start canning (that won’t fit in the trailer’s propane fridge/freezer) into meals in a jar. What can’t be canned will be served to the neighbors from the park a block away.
It feels good and you can do it cheaply if you buy everything at its lowest price.
I have two canners, many jars, a gas stove, propane and Coleman camp stoves, a propane Barbeque, a charcoal smoker, and a propane turkey fryer so I am ready.

Hi Patti,

You are well prepared. I have been loking at camp stoves. We do have a fireplace and plenty of wood for cooking. I would do the same as you with the freezer items.

Hi Liz, this is Chris. I am so glad you posted this about the power grid. My husband is an electrical engineer who works in big power. He has said for many years that he thinks our power grid in this country is vulnerable to hacking and terrorism. It is really scary to think about how much we rely on electrical power, and what could happen if something catastrophic happened.

I do have a stockpile of things that we use, some in the freezer and some canned. I have not thought about things like the Preppers do, but it certainly is something to think about. We don't garden, but that is something to think about also.

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