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I Hit Up the 50% Off Valentine’s Candy Sale and Other Things

It has been a busy week filled with such anticipation of my family arriving. I can hardly wait. So I have been trying to keep busy planning menus, etc.

This morning I went to Walmart to make a return and hit up the 50% off Valentine’s sale. I was only interested in candy for baking and Halloween. I just freeze it for those purposes. It actually keeps without freezing it for a long time. Happy that I went early because they did not have much and I was shopping for us and my DIL. So I bought a lot of chocolates to make cookies, cupcakes, muffins, party mix, etc. I paid with grocery money that I roll and a Walmart Gift Card. 

While I was up that way, I stopped at Home Depot to pick up a 3 way LED bulb. Until I researched online, I had no idea that they made them yet. I paid full price for one because our regular bulb died last night. I paid with a Home Depot gift card that Hubby got for Christmas. I will be looking for a sale on them so that I can replace the other 3 way bulbs that we use.

I also stopped at Panera Bread and used one of the $400. worth of discounted Gift Cards that I got a year ago from supermarket deals to buy bagels to go with breakfast on Saturday.

My last stop was at Dollar Tree to make a return and get the product replaced. I picked up 4 small bags of Valentine candy that were marked $ .50 each. 

Hubby has been busy the last few days trying to get our Homeowner’s Insurance cheaper. He finally decided to go to an agency that handles a lot of companies. They can check companies and prices a lot easier than we can. Our homeowners which is due in March went up $ 140. this year alone. Since we bought this house almost 8 years ago the premium gone up 150% and we have never had a claim. Our auto policy, we just paid in December and that has risen rapidly also. We knew that we wanted to consolidate them but we did not want to take a hit for cancelling the auto policy so soon after we paid the annual premium. So the agency checked all of that for us. They found out that our company that we are with now does not charge a huge fee for cancelling early. They just pro-rate it and give us the money back. So we are considering a nationwide company who will insure us for the exact insurance that we have now on both policies and consolidate them so they both come due on the same time. We do not insure for the minimums. We carry hundreds of dollars worth of insurance on both our home and our SUV. The new company is charging us $200. less for both policies combined. Now of course, we run the risk of that company going up on renewal but so will the other one go up. And we can always have the agency look for a cheaper policies again on renewal. We also checked each companies BBB rating and they are just about the same. So we will make our decision in the next couple of days. 

My son and granddaughter are arriving mid morning tomorrow and not leaving until Monday. So I will be back posting on Tuesday. I hope you all have a great weekend.

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Hi Liz, this is Chris. I read your post from yesterday and am SO excited for you that you will have both of your grandchildren visiting this weekend. I know you will have a happy time with everyone, and I am so glad for you. We kept our granddaughter overnight last Sat night and had such a good time. We took her to the spaghetti dinner at our church, and she did well sleeping at our house.

You got some good deals on the candy it looks like. I was tempted to go out today but resisted. I wanted to let you know that yesterday when I went to my Y class that I had told you about, I have reached my weight loss goal. So, now I am trying to decide if I want to maintain or try to lose a little more.

Have a great weekend, we are keeping our grand doggy this weekend while DD, SIL and family are out of town.

Hi Chris,

Thanks! I cna't wait to see them. I am so glad that you enjoyed your granddaughter. I am sure you got all your hugs and kisses in. I always get mine.

Congrats on reaching your goal. I am so proud of you.

Enjoy doggy!

Did you contact your homeowners about putting car on policy and see if there is a discount? I just complained about my car insurance and the company found me a discount!

YOu really raked in the savings on that candy! I wanted to go yesterday too but we got snow and the roads were bad. I thought about going today to see what they had left, but woke up to more snow. This Hawaii transplant does not like driving in snow at all. đŸ˜‰

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