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Squirreling Away the “Nuts” for the Winter

As you have seen in recent prior posts, I have been stockpiling for this winter. I hate cold and snow and I have no intention of leaving the house except for medical or dental appointments once the snow starts falling.

Recently I have stockpiled toilet paper, beef, chicken, ground beef, steaks, shrimp, ground chicken, ground turkey, canned potatoes, canned vegetables, canned tomatoes, snacks, apples, frozen vegetables, liquid hand soap, and tall kitchen garbage bags. They have all been incorporated in to the stockpile that I already had.

This morning I took inventory of our tissues. We only had 12 boxes so I went to Dollar Tree and got 18 more boxes. Thirty boxes should be enough to get us through cold season. I checked and we have plenty of cold medicines. While I was at Dollar Tree, I picked up the greeting cards for the family birthdays coming up. I know I bought a bunch of blank cards but I buy specialty cards for immediate family members. I also was out of mailing labels and Dollar Tree has the very best price so I picked up a pack. Those will be used for any Christmas gifts that need to be mailed.

I spent some time this morning checking my inventories in the basement. I determined that we have plenty of pasta for Hubby and for when West stays with us. He loves his grandma’s homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Those bins and boxes on the second from the top shelves hold plenty.

I have plenty of tea, coffee, sugar free coffee syrups, and drink mixes. 

Hubby’s cereal supply is plentiful.

The paper towel supply is perfect. We don’t use too many paper towels. We mostly use them for draining food. 

We have lots of paper napkins.

We have plenty Crystal Light, G2 drinks in case anyone needs hydration with electrolytes, tomato sauces and tomatoes to make sauce, refried beans, canned mushrooms, boullion, gravy mixes, tabasco sauces and other sauces, bread crumbs, jam, peanut butter(many more in the kitchen pantries), powders for smoothies, evaporated milk,and avocado oil sprays.

I have determined that I need more pickles and olives, olive and avocado oils, dishwasher detergent, liquid dish soap,canned tuna, and canned white meat chicken. So I will be looking for rock bottom prices on those. This is not all of my stockpile but I will show you more at some other time.

Everything that you see here, I have more at the ready in my pantries in the kitchen. All of my freezers are pretty full. Matter of fact we are eating out of them to make room for turkeys and hams.   

I am off to spend more of my day with the birthday boy named Hubby.

Are you stocking up for the winter? What are you stocking on?  If anyone hears of a good deal on dishwasher detergent at a nationwide store, I would love a heads up!