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Please Keep Me Out Of This Aisle!

I had better stay out of this aisle in Aldi’s! I just got back from looking at their delectable cookies and chocolates and other German items that they have a special aisle for. I now have to add $50. to what I spent for Christmas. 

These you could hardly see in the picture. I had the two of them stacked one on top of the other. They will be handy for when neighbors stop by. They usually do around Christmas or New Years. That is why I picked up two boxes. We like to be able to offer them a nice confection and some hot chocolate or egg nog. I am not a great cookie baker. So these are easy and edible.

A lady in the aisle with me told me that these cookies are so good that she keeps coming back and getting more and more of them. So I got a bag of each kind.  

We love chocolate covered cherries and Hubby loves the Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate. I may have to go back and stock on a year’s worth for him. The gingerbread cookies, caramels and stollen are other things that we enjoy at Christmas.

If you haven’t shopped the specialty aisle at Aldi’s, run don’t walk! And bring lots of cash! Hubby and I aren’t having any family company this holiday and we don’t buy gifts for each other. So this morning, Hubby said go and buy the treats that we like to have around during the holidays. I took him at his word. We will enjoy them and really need to go to the gym the beginning of the year.

Have you guys been there?