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My Small Grocery Haul This Week, etc.

Niagara Produce was my choice for shopping this week. They had whole beef tenderloin’s on sale for $ 9.99 a lb. They will be wonderful for grilling season. I love that I can just call them and place an order and it will be all cut up and ready for me to pick it up. Since I believe beef is just going to keep going up in price, it was a good time to get this.

They also had Extra Large eggs for $ 1.19 each and beefsteak tomatoes for $ 1.29 a lb. I forgot my bags so I had to pay $ .05 for a paper one.

My total came to $ 60.50.

I also went to Panera which was on my route yesterday. It is the day that they have 13 bagels for $ 6.99. Hubby loves them and I have not purchased them in almost a year. However I could not find the cinnamon sugar cream cheese that he likes so he made some using the original cream cheese this morning.

He mixed the regular cream cheese with a little cream, cinnamon, and some monk fruit with the hand mixer. He measures nothing. It is all to taste. Back in the fridge it went to harden for his breakfast. When I finish this post, I will cook up some bacon and eggs for mine.

Since the weather forecast here was for 6 inches of snow, we woke up to this.

I am worried about my trees. This pear tree was in full bloom along with my cherry, plum and red bud trees. For sure the blossoms will drop off.

Knowing that the weather was going to be cold and snowy, I thawed a 20 lb. turkey today to roast since the heat is still on. It is the last one I had in the freezer. It looks like it will be much warmer after this snow, so I will not want to turn on my oven very often.

As usual, we will have a few meals from it and then freeze the rest of the meat for easy future meals.

I still do not have my washer and dryer that I ordered over 8 weeks ago. They are saying maybe this coming Tuesday. We will see. In the meantime, I know how to do laundry without them.

As usual feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you got a great deal on this week.